February 28, 2017

As you may know, Charismatic’s best son, Sun King, arrived at the farm last Saturday. Sun King’s retirement with us has been in the works for some months, and I wish his welcome hadn’t been so bittersweet. He deserves his own post and it’ll follow within a couple of days. Today, it being the last day of the month, I want to share some photos and a 14 second video of Charismatic taken by Julia Ray on her visit to the farm. Julia has kindly given me permission to share them here.

Play video. “Carrots, or else!”

For all of you who missed the chance to visit Charismatic, these are a good record of what visiting with him was like.








I’d like to mention that Old Friends plans a special monument for Charismatic. His ashes will be laid to rest in the front cemetery at the Georgetown farm. Our social media will keep you posted about that.

Sometimes it’s difficult to accept what happens and find closure, and I don’t think that’s happened yet on the farm or for those of you who didn’t have the good fortune to spend time with him but loved him as much as if you had. I hope this “virtual tour” helps.

Charismatic vido and photos by Julia Ray



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5 responses to “February 28, 2017

  1. Darlene Daniels

    I love the photos. Thank you so much for sharing them. As always, God bless you all for all you do. Darlene

  2. Dee

    Thank you they are beautiful

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Susan

    What wonderful photos….I didn’t get back to OF to see him in time, but these photos made me feel like I was right there. Thanks for sharing Julia and Beth.

  4. Thank you for the photos and video.
    And to all the caring folks at Old Friend’s, love and hugs are
    sent your way from Texas with Love.

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