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February 3, 2016

What happens on a windy day at Old Friends?

Tails blow!

W. C. Jones, Rail Trip, Photon. Bonapaw behind them.

W. C. Jones, Rail Trip, Photon. Bonapaw behind.

Mane blows!

Alphabet Soup.

Alphabet Soup.

Hay blows!

Touch Gold.

Touch Gold.

The wind will soon blow spring into the Blue Grass. Special Ring practices for the growing number of admirers he hopes to be seeing again.

20160203 Ringy practices

You and I doesn’t have to practice being beautiful. He always is.

20160203 You and I

Silver Charm runs for the sheer joy of it.

Silver Charm plays.

Silver Charm plays.

And Sarava? Sarava is the wind!

20160203 s120160203 s 220160203 s 320160203 s 4

("Huh?" sau Amazombie and Rapid Redux.)

(“Huh?” says Amazombie to Rapid Redux.)

20160203 s 6

Photos by Laura


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