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April 17, 2019

I have a new iPad, so I thought it might be fun to make a few short videos of the horses from time to time. For now, my theme is Old Friends in Georgetown in the evening. What do the horses do after hours?

01 WE brochure 2019 little pic

As it turned out, yesterday evening, not that much. 2002 Kentucky Derby winner War Emblem walked around being War Emblem.

War Emblem on an April evening



Smooth Air (Smooth Jazz – Air France by French Deputy), winner of three Grade 2 stakes, the 2008 Hutcheson S, 2008 Ohio Derby, and 2009 Gulfstream H, was being particularly handsome. I think he came all the way over hoping for a carrot. Unfortunately, my iPad didn’t qualify as a treat.

Smooth Air at Sunset

Now that I know how much the iPad can store I hope to post somewhat longer clips as spring becomes summer. I can’t promise the horses will do much more than eat grass or mosey over to say hello, but for glimpses of after hours around the Old Friends, Georgetown paddocks, watch this space or subscribe to the new Old Friends Blog channel on Youtube.

still photos by Laura



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April 11, 2019

The following are only my point-and-shoot snapshots in yesterday’s dusk, so they’re not so great, but I just had to share the tale of Touch Gold and the Two Geese.

Yesterday two of our newer residents, Wake Forest and Talk Logistics, moved in together. Around sunset I went back to the farm to see how they were getting along.

190412 Wake Forest and Talk Logistics making friends 190410 06

Wake Forest (L) and Talk Logistics make friends.

Beautifully, it turned out. They grazed close together, tussled a little like foals, and seemed to be generally having a happy time getting to know each other. But a bit of a commotion in the paddock diagonal to theirs distracted me. Two geese had landed in Touch Gold’s paddock. Touch Gold was not pleased. He was pawing and snorting, telling them in no uncertain terms that Talk Logistics could share his paddock with Wake Forest if he wanted, but that did not mean that he, Touch Gold, had any intenion of sharing his home with geese.

Maybe that was too subtle for the geese. They paid him no attention. That, I think, added insult to injury. Clearly, they didn’t know who they were dealing with. The winner of the 1997 Belmont Stakes, the horse who denied the Triple Crown to Hall-of-Famer Silver Charm, no less. Plainly, those geese needed to be told what’s what. So he wheeled, and off he went!


190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 01

The first charge scattered the enemy, but they didn’t retreat.

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 03

The second charge involved some fancier maneuvers.

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 06

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 07

Having put some fear into them, he returned to check in with his audience (I was the only audience on hand). Did I see that? Did I observe his formidable magnificence?

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 08

“Yes, I saw you,” I told him. “I am in awe of your stallionly majesty.” Needless to say, I totally meant it.

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 09

There was only one problem. The geese were still in his paddock.

Sorry for the blurry photo. He was moving too fast for me to follow with the camera.

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 10

Once more into the breach!

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 12

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 13

(That’s Popcorn Deelites who’s being oblivious in the background)

Again, the geese scattered. Satisfied, Touch Gold returned to me at the fence and celebrated a little. (Again, he was just too much for my photographic aim.)

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 14

190412 Touch Gold and the two geese 190410 16

Finally, the ever-vigilant warrior contemplated a job well done.





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