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May 21, 2022

March 21, 1993 – May 19, 2022

Slamming was a good old horse. The kind who could carry the world on his back and just might do that for you. All his life he generously gave all that was asked of him. He never asked for a lot, but he inspired a whole lot of love.

His pedigree wasn’t much. He mostly raced at the gritty New England tracks. His first start was at age 2 and his last start at age 9, and he worked hard every year in between. And successfully. From his very first race he knew what to do, and he did it well. Of his 80 starts he won 20 of them and finished first, second or third more than half the time. That’s an unsually capable record.

In June 2000, at seven, he was claimed by trainer Lorita Lindemann. They made quite a team. They won twice at Rockingham, four times at Suffolk Downs, and hit the board many more times. Even when he didn’t win, Slamming almost always brought home a paycheck.

Lorita retired him from racing in 2002, gave him a second career, and they spent another decade together. After she enabled his retirement to Old Friends they were never really apart. She often came to see him and they remained important in each other’s lives.

At Old Friends, Slamming quickly gained our love, too. He was the steadiest, the kindest, the best of horses. Though unfailingly sweet. He was no pushover. In his quiet way he was rock-solid independent. Yet, he was always there for his friends, horse and human. His paddock mates during pretty much his entire retirement were Riva Way, Disturbingthepeace, Fergus Mac Roich, and Summer Attraction, who once finished second to him in a race at Rockingham Park.

Slamming was always a steadying influence on his paddock mates. He had wisdom and common sense. He got along with everyone and he only took so much razz—and no more—from Disturbingthepeace.

Here in the Bluegrass there are champions all up and down the road, but they don’t make horses with a stronger core or a bigger heart than Slamming.

Remembering Slamming

The photos here & in the slideshow are by Laura



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