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December 4, 2018

Pretty Faces

20181204 Star Plus

Star Plus. Always a Star

Over the past few weeks Laura has shot portraits of some dazzlingly pretty faces. They’re not summer-sleek, or well-groomed. They’re winter woolly bears and they’re been playing in the mud. But these are some of the prettiest faces I know.

20181204 Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

They say horses can’t smile, but since miniture donkey Gorgeous George has come into his life, Breeders’ Cup Classic winner Alphabet Soup often wears this expression. Perhaps “they” would care to rethink?

20181204 Popcorn Deelites

“I am a hero of the silver screen.” Popcorn Deelites.

20181204 Special Ring

Special Ring. “Yeah, well?”

20181204 Arson Squad

Arson Squad. Glam amid the mud. Always.

20181204 LSC

“Let me show you big guys the meaning of glam.” Little Silver Charm, of course.

But I’d especially like to share with you some pretty faces that aren’t as often seen by the public, since they don’t live on the regular tour route.

20181204 Windy Land

Windy Land. Mixed Pleasure’s only son.

20181204 Victor Cooley

Canadian champion Victor Cooley.

20181204 Timony James

Timothy James, grandson of Sunday Silence.

20181204 Skips World El Brujo

Skip’s World (grandson of the great Skip Away) and El Brujo.

20181204 Shadow Caster Areyoutalkintome

Shadow Caster and Areyoutalkintome. “Posing? Us? What makes you say that?”

20181204 Riversrun Cajun Paduas

“We’re not posing. We come by it naturally.” Riversrunrylee, Padua’s Pride and Cajun Beat.

20181204 Miss ZoeyBelle

The beautiful Miss ZoeyBelle.

20181204 Jimbo Fallon

Jimbo Fallon does his best camel imitation (being really tall helps a lot).

20181204 Geronimo and Readys Rocket

Geronimo and Ready’s Rocket. “Who, us?”

20181204 Daytona

Daytona. Did I remember to say, especially pretty faces?

20181204 Bobby Sands

Bobby Sands, a son of Gulch.

20181204 Comma

Commatothetop. Some pictures speak for themselves. But does this one?

Meanwhile, back on the front of the farm…

20181204 War Emblem and Michael

Speaking of pictures speaking for themselves, Himself (War Emblem, that is) and Michael.

20181204 Talk Logistics

New boy on the block, Talk Logistics.

20181204 You and I

And an old boy, lookin’ so good. The one and only You and I.

20181204 You and I 2

Lookin’ so good!


photos by Laura


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