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May 11, 2021

For early May I planned a video about Old Friends’ satellite location at Ashton Grove Senior Community near our main farm in Georgetown, Kentucky. We have 16 retired Thoroughbreds and one professional meeter-greeter miniature horse at Ashton Grove. Since that location isn’t currently part of our tour offerings, I’ll soon post a video showing what horses live there and saying a little about each of them. “Soon” is when I’ve got all the video clips needed, and when hard-working Laura has time to come to Ashton Grove and make current photos of the horses.

Meanwhile, a few mornings ago a heavy rain was coming on a strong wind. The light was too dim for shooting video, really, but when a wild wind blows and the smell of rain fills each gust, the horses get rambunctious. Their play session was so full of mischievous fun I had to capture it and share it with you.

This video, Old Friends Blog Visit 34, features one herd, 6 of the 17 horses Old Friends at Ashton Grove.

200331 BD and WF

Brilliant Decision and Wake Forest


20181204 Litigate



Falcon Scott

Falcon Scott


20171114 Palmers Approach

Palmer’s Approach


200628 Talk Logistics

Talk Logistics

Their play session didn’t need narration, but I did overlay some text to identify each horse the first time each took over center-screen. So come feel the wind blow in a May rainstorm and join “the Ashton Six” in some horseplay. Who ever said retirees have to act like grownups all the time?


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