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March 29, 2021

Winning Dubai 2009-2021

We’re saddened by the passing of old campaigner Winning Dubai. He was such a survivor we’d almost come to believe he was indestructible.

A grey/roan son of E Dubai, out of a daughter of Private Account, he was foaled in April 2009 in Kentucky and sold as a youngster to a Puerto Rican racing interest. He ran all of his 96 races at Puerto Rico’s Hipódromo Camarero. He won first time out, and true to his name, he made winning a habit. He finished first or second in almost half of his many starts. Working class tracks like the Hipódromo Camarero can be a hard environment for both humans and horses, but Winning Dubai proved more than tough enough. From ages two through seven he raced often as many as 16, and even 19, times a year—and that’s year after year. At four, he won 10 times, tying for the record for most wins in all North America in 2012. After his last race in December 2016, his fortitude and spirit had earned such affectionate respect that he continued to live at the Hipódromo Camarero since there was practically nowhere else for a horse on the small, heavily populated island.

So it was that when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September 2017, causing thousands of deaths and destroying the race track and its stables, Winning Dubai was caught up in the disaster. He survived the storm and the continuing emergency when the feed, water, vets and vet supplies were difficult to get. Thanks to Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare, the Thoroughbred Charities of America, the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the Jockey Club, Brook Ledge, Ocala Breeders’ Sales, Bonnie Heath Farm, and others, supplies were shipped in and as many horses as possible were evacuated to Florida. Winning Dubai was among them. He was cared for by Randy and Karen Hickman of Stone Ridge Farm in Ocala, then reached Old Friends in November.

He lived at our Georgetown, Kentucky farm for three and a half years. After all that time in the Caribbean, did he know he’d come home? He seemed to, but he’d surmounted so much in his life that he probably would have handled any surroundings with the same unflappable assurance. Winning Dubai had been around the block a few times, and he wanted you to know it.

He was a bit assertive with his first paddock mates, so we tried him with Kalamos, a gelding as tough as he was. The two coexisted but didn’t really make friends, so last year Winning Dubai moved in with Cost Affective, Bunker’s Edge and Rathor. In Cost Affective, Winning Dubai found the friend he’d been looking for. The two became inseparable and shared good times together.

After surviving a grueling race career and a terrible storm, Winning Dubai seemed more than equal to anything fate might throw at him, but even he wasn’t immortal. This spring he developed an incurable neurological condition. Due to compromised motor functions, a peaceful and dignified end was the last kindness we could provide the brave warrior.

Here he is with his friend Cost Affective in an Old Friends Blog Video from last September. His part is from 2:08 through about 3:00. Cost Affective misses him, and so do we.

photos by Laura


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March 13, 2021

Who’s on Two? What? Is that anything like Hussonfirst? Well, not exactly.

“Farm Two” is what we call the paddocks on the south side, adjacent to the original land on the main farm. Though it’s way off the main tour route, it’s not really a different farm, as you who have visited it on private tours know. It’s peaceful and has lots of big trees, and in summer is the most beautiful part of our Georgetown farm.

Gold Round (L) and Mystery Trip

As it happens, most of the 16 retired Thoroughbreds who’ve moved to our new Ashton Grove location came there from Farm Two. So, who lives in the paddocks the Ashton Grovers moved out of? This video answers that question by visiting every single horse now living on Farm Two.

Star Plus


Chocolate Ride

These are the mares Mystery Trip, Hi Dubai and Gold Round, and geldings The Pizza Man, Work All Week, Chocolate Ride, Offering Plan, King Kreesa, Kharafa, Star Plus, He Loves Me Not, Windy Land, Disturbingthepeace, Riva Way, Slamming, Fergus Mac Roich, Summer Attraction, Discreet Hero, Cappucino Kid, Soldat, Diversify, Kalamos, Better, Tom’s Ready, Awesome Gem, Ivan Fallunovalot and Big Blue Nation.



Riva Way

If you see anybody in this video you’d like to visit in person, consider scheduling a private tour when we reopen for tours in a limited way. In the famous words of Lennon and McCartney, It Won’t Be Long Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Find out about coming scheduling, updated safety procedures, and a new kind of tour we’re adding here.

Meanwhile, sit back, put up your feet, and see Who’s on Two these days.

The next Old Friends Blog Visit video will show how the horses who have moved to our Ashton Grove location are enjoying their new home. They are Secret Getaway, Daytona, Porfido, Ireland’s Eye, Massone, Padua’s Pride, Riversrunrylee, Wake Forest, Brilliant Decision, Litigate, Falcon Scott, Palmer’s Approach, Talk Logistics, and three retirees who were never at the main farm, Magic Weisner, Bo’s a Ten, Millie’s Thunder, and of course, miniature horse Winston II who was featured in Old Friends Blog Visit 31.

photos by Laura

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