November 28, 2020

He could provide themes for many films. Inevitably, he’d star in an Old Friends Blog Visit. So why did Little Silver Charm wait so long? Maybe it was generosity, letting the larger and less cute horses have their day in the limelight. Or maybe, thinking back, Little Silver Charm actually did star in one of the earliest Old Friends Blog Videos, in the genre’s more modest days. Be that as it may, yesterday the photogenic mini graciously stepped forward to share a few grooming tips, assisted by a supporting cast of Jane and Michael.

The Premiere Miniature Horse at Old Friends (see video) has, of course, starred in Old Friends Virtual Tours, not to mention countless live tours, sports videos, and two books. Now, to please his many friends and fans whose presence and admiration he misses, he has graciously obliged with this offering.

So here it is. Old Friends Blog Visit 28, Little Silver Charm’s Grooming Tips.

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