November 24, 2019

A new Old Friend arrived two days ago. A warm welcome to Brilliant Decision!

Brilliant Decision

Brilliant Decision is a son of Wood Memorial winner Bellamy Road. His dam, Tiny Decision, was a stakes placed daughter of Ogygian. But Brilliant Decision didn’t inherit his parents’ competitive spirit.

He did race once as a three year old and took eight more tries at age four. He achieved a win in a maiden claiming race at Belterra Park in Cincinnati for his owners, breeder Sally Thomas and trainer Lee Rossi. But he was short on the competitive spirit so important to a racehorse. Among horses, as among humans, those who don’t relish athletic competition don’t suceed at it. Brilliant Decision didn’t.

But he’s got qualities that will make him appreciated at Old Friends. He’s one of the sweetest horses ever to set foot on the farm. This morning was overcast and my snapshots don’t do him justice, but I hope you can make out that he’s also absolutely handsome.

This morning was his first turn-out. Here he is taking in all the new sights.

Brilliant Decision is doing the quarantine that’s routine for all new arrivals, so he’s not getting hand-fed or touched on the tours yet, but if you schedule a visit in the next three weeks you can take a look at him and say hi to him in the barn. Which gelding herd he’ll eventually join hasn’t been decided yet, but whether he’s on the main tour route or in an outlying paddock accessible for private tours, a horse as friendly and kind as he is will enjoy your visits and attention.  I think Brilliant Decision’s real talent is love.

“Hey wow, what’s this Old Friends place all about?”

Old Friends is grateful to Lee Rossi for enabling Brilliant Decision’s new lifestyle with us, and to breeder Sally Thomas who kindly kept us in the loop about him and his late mom, whose final surviving son he is.

And while I’m posting my not-so-great snapshots, here’s one of another relative newcomer who’s been with us a few months but whose photo I haven’t yet included in a post.

Right to Vote, another really sweet guy, had a highly successful race career, earning more than half a million dollars and winning stakes races at Chuchill Downs, Oaklawn Park and Prairie Meadows for B J D Thoroughbreds, trained by Ron Moquett. However it happened, three years after his racing days ended, Right to Vote became an unwanted horse. Old Friends is grateful to Mr. Moquett who came to the rescue of the long, tall gelding and enabled his retirement to Old Friends.

Right to Vote

Right to Vote is a son of Political Force out of What a Knight by Tough Knight. He also happens to be a great-grandson of our much-loved former resident Glitterman (1985-2011). He’s joined the gelding herd that also includes Joey P, Racketeer and Geronimo.

While I’m at it about new guys, the latest about Diversify and Slim Shadey is that they’re now sharing a paddock across from Right to Vote & gang and are getting along nicely. So are Hogy and Soi Phet…you’d think we’ve turned into a retirement home just for tall, dark sweetheart geldings, but Silver Charm, Ide, Saudi Poetry and Alphabet Soup assure me that’s not so. Though temperatures are dropping, they all look forward to a visit from you. Come see them on our winter schedule, tours daily at 11:00 am, or schedule a private tour at whatever time’s best for you.




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3 responses to “November 24, 2019

  1. Linda Hoge

    Brilliant Decision is young! He is only four! Why doesn’t he belong to someone that could ride him and enjoy him for pleasure riding?

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    • oldfriendsblog

      There are many, many OTTBs of his age who, unlike Brilliant Decision, have never had a fracture. BD raced soundly after healing but his healed leg is visibly imperfect, which with the supply so much greated than the demand, is a serious strike against his being wanted as a pleasure horse. Had someone wanted him and made Mr. Rossi an offer for him, I’d think he would have gone that direction. As it is, he is much wanted at Old Friends.

  2. Kathy Young

    I love your posts and wish I lived closer so I could visit regularly. Every equine athlete deserves an Old Friends retirement.

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