July 15, 2019

We’ve had a sizzlin’, jumpin’ five day weekend at Old Friends.  This year’s Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horse Park concluded yesterday. It’s always a huge gathering of horse lovers from just about everywhere, and we’re fortunate to be a favorite side trip for many attendees. Others learn about us for the first time at our booth at Breyerfest, which this year in the 90 degree weather was staffed by Ken and Joyce (and maybe other steadfast souls of whom I’m not aware). This Breyerfest we were delighted to have many guests at the farm who said it was their first visit with us. Tour guides pitched in for double shifts, and the horses did their bit with their usual kindness and grace.

Nicanor sees visitors coming!


The horses are in laid-back summer mode. Nicanor is more into those group back scratches than ever. Touch Gold is ambling over at a lazy canter instead of a full charge, and our comedian team Popcorn Deelites and Special Ring are sauntering over at their leisure rather than waiting already in position, though once they arrive they’re doing their schtick with the usual flourishes. They know it inspires extra carrots, which go down nicely on a summer day.

Little Mike quite agrees.


So does Comma to the Top.

The geese have pretty much raised their crop of goslings, who are now old enough to party. Unlike Touch Gold (click the sidebar for last April 11’s blog), Sun King and Old Friends Stakes winner Kalamos both happily play host to family expeditions away from the pond.

Kalamos and friends

Nobiz Like Shobiz does not. But he sure knows how to look gorgeous.

Nobiz Like Shobiz

And sometimes Cherono looks so much like his grandpa Ogygian it brings a lump to my throat.


By the way, Cherono is the reigning leader of his herd, and one of the kindest herd leaders on the farm. Here you see him with his good friends (L to R) Lion Hunter, W. C. Jones and the very distinguished Rail Trip.

One paddock beyond theirs, new resident Hogy is seeing if he bonds well with Cost Affective, Rathor and Bunker’s Edge. If not, a new living arrangement will be tried. Tim and Carole are careful to make sure that paddock companions make a compatible fit. I apologize for not having a photo of Hogy. He’s a good looking guy with a strong resemblance to his close relative, Sarava. (Hogy’s taller though).

Cost Affective and Bunker’s Edge


We love it when everybody gets along (Game On Dude & Little Mike. Sarava in the background)

Summer is a good time for dust baths.

He Loves Me Not has a dustbath.

…and a shake-off.

So come on over to Old Friends this summer and hang out with us!


photos by Laura


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4 responses to “July 15, 2019

  1. Elizabeth McGrath-Abeles

    I love receiving these posts! The photography is inspired, and the knowledge you have of the personalities and idiosyncrasies of each of your residents
    exemplary. I have to get there one of these days!

  2. Pattie B. from Pickens, SC

    I hope you get to visit the farm as well. You will LOVE meeting the horses & feeding them carrots, which they enjoy as much as we do.

  3. Gae

    NIce to read that Breyerfest brought new friends to Old Friends. So much in this blog post — geese friends, Nicanor – leader of the pack, Cherono – looking like grandpa and oh so handsome Nobiz Like Showbiz – gorgeous indeed! And much more — most enjoyable.

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