December 31, 2018

As an eventful year ends at Old Friends and a new year begins, winter deepens but so far we haven’t had much cold weather. Rainy days alternate with mostly overcast days, pleasant except for the mud. On rainy days the horses tend to snooze in their run-in sheds. On drier days…well, isn’t snoozing one of the privileges of retirement?

181231 Sun King

Sun King readies himself for a snooze.

With things so much quieter in the winter, even our younger retirees take long, peaceful naps in the relatively mild weather. Sun King, for instance, officially turns 17 as of January 1. For a Thoroughbred, that’s middle age, say, early 50s for a human.

Game On Dude and Little Mike, are the same age and were at the top of racing at the same time. They never contended with each other since the Dude ran on the dirt and Mike on the turf. Now they race each other every day. They’re turning 12 years old apiece. That’s a perfect age, not young enough for foal naps or old enough for old-folk naps, so they take cause-I-wanna naps.


181231 Dude Mike 1

Little Mike, foreground, and Game On Dude. Who’s gonna conk out first?

181231 Dude Mike 2

It’s Mike!

181231 Dude Mike 2a

Little Mike shakes off his dreams. Game On Dude gets sleepier.

181231 Dude Mike 3

Come on, pal. Up and at ’em. I feel like playing!

Meanwhile, up at the barn, the residents are …

181231 River Squall

River Squall (turning 24)

…well, looks like they’re snoozing.

181231 Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger (19 years old)

Except, of course, for those who are dedicatedly zonked out for the afternoon.

181231 Soup and GG do

Alphabet Soup (28) and Gorgeous George (still 9? he’s not a Thoroughbred.)

181231 WE never sleeps

War Emblem (turning 20 – hard to believe, isn’t it?)

And except for War Emblem, who wants us to believe he never sleeps. I promised him not to tell you any differently.

181231 BCI Dinard

Beau Cashin In (21, L) and Dinard (31)

And except for those who’d rather stay up, munch hay and share the latest gossip. Or is Beau Cashin In giving Dinard a piece of his mind? At 31, Dinard is currently our oldest Thoroughbred resident at the Georgetown farm. The oldest horse of all is, almost certainly, Little Silver Charm, but he’s never been into telling his age.

181231 Fergus DTP

Fergus MacRoich (12, L) and Disturbingthepeace (21)

Whatever your age in either equine or human reckoning, wherever you are, we at Old Friends warmly wish you the happiest, healthiest, best of new years. May we all use 2019 to strengthen our connections with those we love and to appreciate and honor the diverse and wonderful world around us.

photography by Laura



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2 responses to “December 31, 2018

  1. Amy Gulbrandson

    This post makes me want to take a long winter’s nap too! Happy New Year to you all! 🥕 🐎

  2. Darlene Daniels

    Happy Blessed New Year to all at Old Friends, human and equine. Darlene

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