September 6, 2018

When Laura came to the farm to give Bint Marscay a Tuesday evening bath, she almost didn’t bring her camera. It’s a good thing she did. As we trundled around in the golf cart looking for something interesting for Laura to photograph in the light of a beautiful sunset, we paused to visit with Sun King awhile. Always a horse with a sense of occasion, Sun King saw our attention as an opportunity to turn a quiet evening into PARTY TIME!

20180906 Sun King 01

Hm…do I feel the spirit move me?

20180906 Sun King 02

Oh yeah, I think I do.

20180906 Sun King 03

Come on in, the paddock’s cool!

20180906 Sun King 04

What else could it be, with all this wind I’m making?

20180906 Sun King 05

Hey Kentucky Horse Park, come measure the length of my stride!

20180906 Sun King 06

I am the King of Horses!

20180906 Sun King 07


20180906 Sun King 08

My mane and tail are flame!!!

20180906 Sun King 09

Look here, all you young Breeders’ Cup hopefuls! See how it’s done!

20180906 Sun King 10

There. Did ya see that? Did ya?

20180906 Sun King 11

Whoop! One more time!

20180906 Sun King 12

Taa-daa!!! (As Ide, who can see perfectly well through his fly mask, looks on and applauds.)

Choreography by Sun King
Photos by Laura



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5 responses to “September 6, 2018

  1. Betsy McGrath

    Brilliant! What a capture of the dynamism of this magnificent horse and perfect evening light! How uplifting after the previous two losses……

  2. Amy Gulbrandson

    Now THAT was fun! What great, joyful photos….thank you so much for the visit! ❤️

  3. Pattie Benedix

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of WHOOOOO-EEEEEEE!! Awesome Photography & I love my book I received last week in the mail. Can’t wait to visit again, next year 🙂 I Love Ya’ll !!

  4. Lucinda Smith

    Fabulous! Thank you Laura, Beth, and of course, Sun King.

  5. Sally Sutherland Hale

    Absolutely FABULOUS!! I have tears running down my face…tears of such JOY going picture to picture!! Someone (? Who ME?) Looked full of beans that day and couldn’t wait for someone to come and show how happy and joyful he is to be at Old Friends, the ‘top happening senior & others LIVING community’ and be able to show off the majesty of the HORSE for all to see, and what we already know!!🐎🎃

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