May 1, 2017

For now, just an update:

Due to the weather forecast for this coming Thursday
Bloodline Products announces the postponement of
the Derby Lawn Party at the Conrad-Caldwell Estate
in Louisville to benefit Old Friends.

The Lawn Party will be rescheduled at the same location.
Stay tuned for the announcement!

And, a promise. When we lose a resident, sometimes sadness overcomes my ability to put words together at first. Last week we lost two longtime, much loved, retirees. Duke Ora and Swan’s Way left us with years of happy memories. I want to share some of those with you, and I will post about each one of them soon.

170501 Duke Ora

Duke Ora (1994-2017)

170501 Swannie

Swan’s Way (1989-2017)

Meanwhile, as you enjoy the Oaks, the Derby, and our Annual Homecoming, join us in a farewell toast to these two hardworking old Suffolk Downs and Rockingham Park campaigners, who each went on to provide Old Friends with much, much more, over the years, than words will ever say.

photos by Laura


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One response to “May 1, 2017

  1. Oh Beth… Our hearts are with you all at Old Friends. And the sadness you feel for the loss of these two DEAR Old Friends is understood. And felt. By all of us who know you, and who know how devoted all of you are to these horses in your loving care… The time will come when you are ready to share more. Just know that you are in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our prayers… As are these hardworking campaigners, Duke Ora and Swan’s Way. We love them. And we love you ALL. ❤

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