December 7, 2016

No particular news except that today was Charismatic’s first sunny day at Old Friends. Each time he goes out in his paddock he’s more relaxed than the day before as his surroundings grow familiar. Though these are just snapshots, I couldn’t resist posting the morning light shining on his bright chestnut face.



For the horses, a sunny, not too cold, winter day with no demands and no one working – except for the humans who are busy seeing to their comforts – is a day of lazy pleasure. It always amazes me how contentedly horses can sunbathe in even the coolest sun. Silver Charm was grazing broadside to the warmth, Afternoon Deelites no longer feels any need to impress (at least for the moment) and was all but snoring, and Little Silver Charm…somewhere between awake and snoozing, I think.


Stay tuned for more thrilling snoring, sunbathing and grazing.





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4 responses to “December 7, 2016

  1. He is just so beautiful….and he really is here….


    CHARISMATIC is a twenty yr old BEAUTY…and beautiful at any age. So glad he is now at FRIENDS and will be happy and free and so well cared for. Thanks so very much for ALL you people do there. YOU’RE WONDERFUL.

  3. Donna

    Beth thank you for the photos and ccomments, this is now the highlight of my day. Charasmatic looks so happy.xoxoxo

  4. Amy Gulbrandson

    Thank you for the visit with Charismatic….anxious to meet him in person! Enjoy the sunshine….oh and please give extra pets to Silver Charm for me!❤️

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