December 3, 2016

How’s this for a photo of that stall?


Charismatic settles into his stall at Old Friends. Photo by Barbara D. Livingston

Charismatic arrived at the farm a little after dark this evening. The available light didn’t make for the easiest photography conditions, but I call this one beautiful sight.

The 1999 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, now 20 years old, was welcomed briefly by Old Friends staff and our vet in residence, Dr. Bryan Waldridge. After a few photos and preliminary checks he was allowed the quiet to settle into his new quarters where, hopefully, he will enjoy a sound night’s sleep.

@DRFLivingston on Twitter for a few more of Barbara Livingston’s photos of his arrival and check @Oldfriendsfarm for news flashes about Charismatic during his quarantine. As soon as Michael sets a date and time for his Welcome gathering, you’ll find that information at @Oldfriendsfarm on Twitter.

John Bradley has uploaded a short video of him getting off the van to his Facebook page

More to come here as he settles in and we begin to get to know him. Here in Georgetown we’re all settling into our own versions of hay and soft bedding with big smiles on our faces.



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