December 2, 2016

Well. I promised a photographic look at our fantastic new quarantine quarters. So yesterday I diligently snip-snapped away with my camera. I took pictures of the stall that will be Charismatic’s, the bedding, the facilities for feed, hay, water, the spacious paddock he’ll be able to access at will. Proud of myself, I buzzed home to download them. Urgh! where’s my usb cord? Nowhere! The comedy of errors continued today when Sylvia kindly loaned me a cable with what looked like the right connection. You guessed it. Not.

So I’ll do my best to describe what the photos still stuck on my camera would have shown. First, the barn. If you haven’t seen our new barn, it’s amazing. Its design benefits from our staff’s and vets’ collaborative thinking and experience to make it the safest, most secure and pleasant environment a horse can enjoy. The stalls are big, the floors easy on the feet beneath the plentiful bedding, the atmosphere is airy and well lit–by day the wood and soft, plentiful daylight give the place a mellow glow. Old Friends is grateful to Fasig Tipton’s Blue Horse Charities and the other donors who made this barn a reality.

Besides the front door opening to the barn aisle, Charismatic’s stall has another door opening onto a paddock big enough for him to run around a bit, graze on the winter grass, sun himself on mild days, and get accustomed to his surroundings. Double fencing will make sure quarantine is maintained and that a buffer of peace and quiet surrounds him as he gets used to the doings at Old Friends. When this back door between his stall and barn are open he can choose freely whether he’d rather be in his paddock or go into the shelter of his stall where his best of hay and fresh water are always available and where he’ll be served his breakfasts and dinners. Talk about a luxury suite!

And of course, in quarantine doesn’t mean lonely. He’ll have hands-on care from Old Friends staff who will carefully follow the procedures required by the government, the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, and our barn management in consultation with  Resident Veterinarian, Dr. Waldridge. For a horse transitioning from the relatively private life of a stallion at stud to the popularity of a celebrity at Old Friends, this intermediate stage will help him get to know and trust those who will be the core of his support staff in his new life. He’ll feel loved.


Ide, generously donated to OF this year by Clear Creek Farm, Louisiana. Behind him are the back doors giving the quarantine stall and other stalls access to outdoor paddocks (located beyond the right edge of the photo).

This is Ide (Forty Niner-Maytide by Naskra), winner of the 1996 Rebel Stakes, who came to live with us this year (isn’t he gorgeous?). Behind him are the row of back doors I’m talking about. They lead into various paddocks and runs providing outdoors access from stalls when the doors are open. I took several pictures of the spacious area Charismatic will use. Oh well,it’ll look even more impressive before long anyway.

With Charismatic in it! Soon…soon…

photo of Ide by Laura

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  1. tbdancer

    I am still looking for the USB cord to my camera, so I have to depend on my card reader. Your description of Charismatic’s new temporary quarters was quite good, however, and I’m sure the photos will be released from Cyber Prison and part of a future Old Friends Blog very soon!

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