June 8, 2016

2016 06 08 Squally maneDelay of Game 1993-2016

In Delay of Game’s passing we’ve lost one of our most valued friends and role models.

As some of the best do, he grew to wisdom after a rambunctious youth. Sarah Arnold, who’s known him since he was two, once told me that when she was his exercise rider her nickname for him was Stinky Dee. Sarah had the right to call him that. No one knew him longer or better, or loved him more than Sarah. By the time he came to Old Friends at seventeen he’d matured into a quietly dignified horse, patient about most things, and infinitely kind.

Delay of Game wasn’t one of those horses whose presence takes up a lot of extra space, but you felt his class at once. He wasn’t flashy, but his proportions had a rightness, his magnificent chest looked like it housed a powerful heart, and the pale celadon green flecks in his eyes were as beautiful as their intelligent, friendly expression.

Oh, he had plenty of spirit. His accumulating old age issues notwithstanding, he let us know that when it was time to do feet. But what I’ll remember best was the pleasure he took and returned. Being groomed on a summer evening. Trading nuzzles with his human friends. In the company of his paddock mate, Judge’s Case, who felt secure in his leadership. Delay of Game may not have understood all the words spoken to him, but he was remarkably willing to listen, to be open to his friends in happy times and sad ones. To the end, his strength was quiet, supportive and deep. He was a horse of genuine class in every sense. If we humans can achieve half his wisdom and grace in old age, we’ll be doing admirably. We’ll never forget him.


Delay of Game, Feb. 2016

Delay of Game, Feb. 2016

2016 06 08 Squally 2016Delay of Game in 2016


photos by his good friend Laura



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5 responses to “June 8, 2016

  1. Amy Gulbrandson

    A beautiful tribute, and another opportunity to thank you all for caring for all of the retirees with such kindness and devotion.

  2. Kathie Balfour

    THANK YOU ALL for what you do for these beautiful animals. Your words are always so very kind, loving and appreciative of them. I can tell they couldn’t be in a better place or be better taken care of and cared ABOUT>
    Such a loving tribute for Delay of Game. Bless your hearts. I know he leaves us all feeling loved.

  3. So sorry, it breaks your heart when we lose these beautiful animals

  4. colmel

    One could only wish to have people think as highly of you and mourn your passing as these wonderful horses. They have earned as special place in so many hearts. Beth’s eulogy of the sweet and wonderful Delay is proof positive that Old Friends is the kindest, most wonderful place any horse could ever hope to find him/herself. RIP, Delay. You’ve earned your rest.

  5. GAE

    Beautiful writing about the well loved and well cared for Delay of Game. He was truly blessed. He had a wonderful life. Great pictures too.

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