April 25, 2016

I’m pleased to introduce a guest blogger with a special announcement.



A Charmed Life cover - web

My first book (as an author, that is), A Charmed Life, will be in the Old Friends in Georgetown gift shop within days. If you can’t wait that long – which is understandable – you can buy it now on Amazon.com. The link is at the end of this post.

Little Silver Charm

A Charmed Life

by Little Silver Charm


I am an extremely modest little horse and yet I’m not surprised when visitors to Old Friends make a point of seeking me out before they ask to meet (Big) Silver Charm, War Emblem, Game On Dude, Sarava, Touch Gold or any of our many retired Thoroughbred champions. I am pretty cute after all. But I’m more than just a pretty face. As I leafed through the pages of A Charmed Life, a brilliant collection of photographs of me, many taken by world-class equine photographers, I gained some insight into the secret of my phenomenal appeal. It’s not just that I’m adorable, or that I’m incredibly photogenic. I think people respond to my keen intelligence and my independent spirit, qualities that emerge in so many of these photographs and the accompanying remarks from my internationally acclaimed Facebook page. These same qualities moved Michael Blowen, our founder and president, to name me Old Friends’ official spokeshorse. I hope you enjoy the photos and my comments and that you will visit me at the farm and on my Facebook page, Little Silver Charm at Old Friends.

2016-04-25 MB shows ACL to LSC

With lots of photographs by Barbara Livingston, Equisport Photos, Connie Bush, Rick Capone,Β  and Laura Battles, to name just a few!

Get A CHARMED LIFE at Amazon

With “Look Inside”!



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5 responses to “April 25, 2016

  1. Joan Kobara

    OK, Charmie. I just booked my flight from California to Kentucky to congratulate you on your big literary achievement and of course, to purchase an autographed copy directly from Old Friends. It’s the least I can do to support such modesty and well….HAIR!! (Thanks to Mr. John of John Bradley Designs in Horsehair).

    Joan from California

  2. Finally, the little guy with the big attitude gets his due! Congratulations, dear one. πŸ™‚

  3. Gae

    Who is Little Silver Charm’s hairdresser? Great looking mane LOL.

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