March 3, 2016

After some beautiful early spring days – blop! – snow fell today. The ground is white and winter seems forever. To cheer away the wintery glums, I’m going to interrupt the theme of buddies to share some recent photos, most of them taken within the last few days, of some horses many have come to know and love over the years. How are Riva Way, Kudos, and other long-time favorites of many, doing?

War Emblem

War Emblem enjoys last Sunday’s warm weather

First, a few photos of a horse who’s new to Old Friends but who’s being reunited with many admirers since he came to live with us a few months ago, 2002 Kentucky Derby winner War Emblem. He’s 17 now, a ruggedly handsome, nearly black horse with an individualist attitude.

War Emblem and Michael

War Emblem and Michael – time for carrots!

War Emblem has settled into his home and is getting to know us. He likes to be on top of everything that happens and keeps an eagle eye out on everything in his world. We’re under no illusions. In War Emblem’s world we exist to serve War Emblem. Well, did we win the Derby?

Tinners Way

Julie grooms Tinners Way

Ahh, yes…how’s this for service? Tinner’s Way gets a nice grooming from volunteer Julie Witt. Besides her affiliation with Old Friends, Julie is part of the University of Kentucky’s Horse Racing Club, a student group who will be visiting Old Friends in April.

Affirmed Success

Affirmed Success

Over the years many visitors have gotten to know one of Affirmed’s best sons, $2 million plus winner and red hot miler from 1997 through 2003, Affirmed Success. He’s now 22 years old. He, Kudos and Northern Stone share the paddock across the way from Tinner’s.



As for Kudos, the G1 winner, donated by Jerry and Ann Moss in our early days, one of Old Friends’ “founding stars,” he’s doing great. He’s a social horse who finds good companionship whoever he’s with. He and Affirmed Success are great friends, and Northern Stone likes living with them, a smaller, less competitive circle where he gets to be a star, too.

Riva Way

Riva Way

Speaking of really long time residents, here’s a photo Laura took a few days ago of Riva Way. As some may remember, Riva has lived with us far longer than his dad, Tinners Way. His grandpas are two Meadow Farm horses a few people might have heard of, Secretariat and Riva Ridge. Riva Way is now 18 years old.

Falcon Scott

Falcon Scott

And speaking of the kin of Derby winners, some may remember when Falcon Scott, half brother to Giacomo, lived in the paddock that’s now Sarava’s. As you can see from the background, Falcon currently lives in one of our most spacious pastures among a thriving herd of youngish geldings like himself. As can be seen, he’s as kind, curious and attention-loving as ever. He seems to enjoy life with his gang of good buddies. Being herd animals, many horses feel the most secure that way.

Fabulous Strike and Commentator

Fabulous Strike and Commentator

…Like these two. Once Fabulous Strike (L) and Commentator (R) held off all challengers to occupy the lonely glory of the winner’s circle. These two have been there, enjoyed that, and now appreciate just hanging out with each other and English-bred Marshall Rooster.

Hidden Lake plays in her waterer

Hidden Lake plays in her waterer

On the theme of enjoyment, Older Female Eclipse Award champion Hidden Lake was quite busy Saturday.

Hidden Lake plays waterer 2

While Ogygian’s grandson Cherono played on dry land.

Cherono plays

Cherono plays


Finally, I’d like to introduce a new friend, Old Friends’ most recent arrival and youngest resident, Saint Aloysius.

Saint Aloysius

Saint Aloysius

When three-year-old Saint Aloysius’ attempt at a career on the track didn’t work out due to a bowed tendon, his racing owner, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson, generously enabled his retirement to Old Friends. Welcome, you cute guy!


photos by Laura


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8 responses to “March 3, 2016

  1. Michael Blowen

    Great job

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Kathy Breakall

    Thanks for the personali tour. I can’t waitto see some old friends and mmeet some new ones in April

  3. Debbie Bernhard

    Hi Beth, so great to see the horses having a good time 🙂 And special thanks for the pic of Tinner, my sweet boy!! I’m so glad to be one of his sponsors. Old Friends is the charity I support with every thing I sell on ebay. I still hope to get down there again sometime. I sooo enjoyed being there in 2013 (I”d move in if I could. Think Tinner would mind a new pasture mate???). Please give him a hug and carrots from me.

  4. Joseph posillico

    Love the pics and stories behind them. Mike and his crew are diamonds in the ruff.They do great work and love there horses dearly.

  5. Susan

    Hi Beth! Have just loved the last 2 posts from you! Pictures are always wonderful! All of those boys are just awesome…. love it that there is a 3 YEAR OLD on the farm…..hopefully, many triips in the future to see him!
    Can’t wait to get back for a visit! Thanks for sharing….made my day!!! 🙂

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