August 12, 2015

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Little Silver Charm and author Dan Rhema have asked me to announce a very special event. In fact, Little Silver Charm assures me it may well be the literary event of the decade:  a book about Old Friends’ most important personage.

Its title? What else? Little Silver Charm.

Dan Rhema, author of Bluegrass Breeze, screenwriter, and longtime Old Friends supporter, spins a fun fantasy of fictional adventure, mishap and mayhem on an imaginary farm that just happens to be called Old Friends Farm, happens to be run by a couple named Michael and Diane, and—purely coincidentally—provides a home to retired race horses.

Dan Rhema & his inspiration for the Starring Character.

Dan Rhema & his inspiration for the Starring Character.

In real life, Little Silver Charm was bought for $40 off of a slaughter truck at Rockingham Park. He’s the only one who knows who he was before that, or where he came from. But the fiction story reverses that. In this story, as Little Silver Charm is chased by dog catcher Earl Lumpkin and his goofy hound, Cletus, the miniature horse bumps his head. Michael harbors him at Old Friends Farm, but the mini wakes with amnesia. Who is he? Where does he belong? In his quest to find out, he is befriended by two barn rats, an owl, a skunk, and of course, the Thoroughbred residents of Old Friends Farm. Earl and Cletus are still determined to get him, and the adventures are fast paced, funny, and full of heart.

Cover and illustrations by Stacey Landfield

Cover art and illustrations by Stacey Landfield

Little Silver Charm is a wonderful kids’ book, but it’s going to be on my Christmas list for some of my favorite grownups this year. Look for this first book from Old Friends Press this October in our gift shops, at online book sellers, and in shops in the Lexington area. 50% of the book’s profits will be donated to Old Friends.

And soon, look for Little Silver Charm on its own web site. Watch Old Friends’ social media and web site for developing news. There’s a rumor about that The Man (The Mini, that is) may even review this book himself.



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3 responses to “August 12, 2015

  1. Wonderful idea! Charmie’s such a rock star! ❤

  2. I cannot WAIT!! I love books, and this one sounds wonderful!!

  3. My hero! delightful fun idea, can’t wait to read Charmie’s story. The illustrations look absolutely charming, too, for Mr. Little Sliver Charm!

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