March 31, 2015

Spring is here at last and some of Old Friends’ residents are enjoying a change of paddocks. Afternoon Deelites has moved across the drive to the paddock in front of the house–in the “front yard” paddock he’ll keep enjoying the busy social life he loves. No tour will escape him!

Eldaafer, Google and Yahoo now have a big paddock with goat-proof fences. Now they can play in plenty of space, the goats will be securely in that space, and they have a whole herd of neighbors to race. Here are the Breeders’ Cup Marathon winner and his goats as they challenged neighbors Mikethespike, Cherono, Johannesbourbon, Ball Four, Lion Hunter, Bonapaw, Boule d’Or, Northern Stone and W. C. Jones to some laps up and down the fence.

Eldaafer, Google and Yahoo race their new neighbors. Photo by Tim Wilson.

Eldaafer, Google and Yahoo race their new neighbors. Photo by Tim Wilson.

Silver Charm now has a permanent paddock. His new neighbors are “Seabiscuit” star Popcorn Deelites and Special Ring on one side, Danthebluegrassman, Flick and Unaccountable on the other. I’m not sure the Derby and Preakness winner is all that impressed with Pops’ and Rings’ encore number, the “Movie Star vs. Tattoo” show. That doesn’t matter. Pops and Ring are as impressed as ever with themselves.

And Game On Dude is having a fantastic time with his new paddock mate Yankee Fortune. These guys are two of the sweetest natured horses OF has ever been lucky enough to have. They’re already great buddies. They’re rarely more than a foot or two apart. They mirror each other. They play, they love petting and kisses on the nose. They gave the race track their all, both achieved feats to be proud of, and now they’re showing the same enthusiasm for their well-earned retirement.

Game On Dude, Yankee Fortune, Little Silver Charm, and Michael. Photo by Tim.

Game On Dude, Yankee Fortune, Little Silver Charm, and Michael. Photo by Tim.

I guess you could say they’re enjoying life’s smaller pleasures…



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8 responses to “March 31, 2015

  1. SusanA

    Hi Beth…..have been thinking of you many times over the past couple of weeks and hope you are doing ok. I am looking forward to being at OF this weekend for another visit…always the best part of my trip to KY! I sure will miss seeing Ogygian and Creator this time, but am looking forward to meeting Silver Charm for the first time. Am so glad that the Dude has a pal….can’t wait to meet Yankee Fortune either! Sure hope I will get to see you this time too! Thanks for the post!

    • oldfriendsblog

      Thanks. I just realized I spelled Yankee’s name wrong. If anyone wants to look up his stats as a G3 winner, he’s Yankee Fourtune.

  2. Gae

    Love these pictures…wonderful blog post. Yes Spring is here at last.

  3. Beth, I’ve also been thinking about you a lot since Williamstown passed. When I visited in 2013 I got to spend a lot of time up by him and Tinners Way. Meeting two sons of triple crown winners and also Mixed Pleasure was the highlight of my trip to Kentucky and my 50th. birthday. I cried when Williamstown passed. But now he is with his sire, my beloved Secretariat, Cigar (who I also met on our trip), and so many other great horses. One day we will get to meet with them again. I can just picture them all running and playing in green pastures and wild floweres….

    • oldfriendsblog

      Thanks for your kind message. I was with Williamstown when he died. He let us know he was ready and went peacefully. He was unforgettably independent, exceptionally gorgeous, tough yet gracious to those who respected him. Tinner still seems to miss him, and we always will.

      • I unfortunately live in Wisconsin, but if I was able to live there I would volunteer at Old Friends every day of the week. I feel the same way about the horses that Michael does. For me they have always been my heroes. My visit there was the trip of a lifetime and I love the horses so very much. Wish I had been able to meet them. Take care okay. Debbie

        • mybigred

          I would volunteer my time as well. I LOVE Old Friends & the Staff. They are AWESOME people with kind & generous hearts !!

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