March 4, 2015

For three days I’ve waited for the words for a fitting tribute to Creator. They haven’t come. No words can begin to describe him, or the loss of him.

Creator, Feb. 2010, by Laura Battles.

Creator, Feb. 2010, by Laura Battles.

Few who saw Creator at Old Friends saw him race, but in the summer of 1990 he was the best horse running in Europe, a superlative athlete worthy of his great lineage: Nasrullah, Never Bend, Mill Reef. He was already a character. Later, one of his grooms in trainer André Fabre’s barn would tell Michael how they called Creator “Houdini” because no matter how meticulously they’d fasten on his blanket, the next time they checked on him they’d find the blanket on the stall floor. Creator’s easy victory over In the Wings in the Prix Ganay was especially celebrated. To this day, Creator is remembered in Great Britain. Here is his obituary in England’s Racing Post.

Creator, by EquiSport Photos.

Creator. EquiSport Photos.

Creator at Hurstland, 2005. Photo by Kate Dunn.

Creator at Old Friends, Hurstland Farm, 2005. Photo by Kate Dunn.

Pensioned from stud at Nitta Farm at age 18, Creator was purchased by Old Friends and arrived from Japan with Sunshine Forever on November 1, 2004. Though Old Friends acquired Sunshine Forever first, it was actually Creator who was the first stallion resident to set foot on Old Friends’ premises. He made sure of that by making enough ruckus on the trailer to get himself unloaded before Sunshine. It set an enduring pattern. Sunshine was our wisdom, Creator was our fire (a triumvirate completed when Jerry and Ann Moss donated Rulhmann, our toughness). For more than a decade, with more than a hundred horses, there was no fire brighter than Creator. Whether running with the wind flaming his red mane and tail, wowing all who met him with his inimitable charisma, or just taking it easy and allowing admiration of his beauty, Creator was always larger than life.

Creator, August 2009. Photo by Beth.

Creator, August 2009. Photo by Beth.

Creator. July 2014. Photo by Laura.

Creator. July 2014. Photo by Laura.

I could tell a million stories if I could see the screen though my tears. There’s no end to what Creator did, or the things about him. His effect on imaginations, admiration, and hearts was extraordinary. Clearly, Creator touched more lives than I have any idea of. So it feels right to step down and invite others who loved him to help with the words I can’t find. If you want to share a memory, an impression, about Creator, please sharea comment. Joining together can’t blunt the loss, but at least as we miss him, I hope it will help that we’re all in this together.




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10 responses to “March 4, 2015

  1. Kathy Breakall

    His eyes were enticing as though he was reading your soul; he was a trasure

  2. SusanA

    Sunday morning when I was at church, I had just sat down and I saw the news on my phone…it caught me so off guard that I had to leave and go home to be alone (and cry). I looked at all the photos (there were a LOT!) that I had taken of Creator since 2007, my first visit. I still can’t really imagine right now what it will feel like to go and him not be in the paddock behind the house at OF anymore, and I certainly can’t imagine what all of his caretakers (and especially Diane) are feeling with his loss. I do have a video that I took of you Beth on one of my visits…we had stopped by Creator’s paddock fence and he was listening to you introduce him, and you could tell he knew exactly what you were saying about him…and how you were warning the “guys” not to get too close! 🙂 I’ve watched it many times the last couple of days. What a wonderful horse he was and such an Old Friends Icon…I will seeing him again. Thinking about all of you!

    • SusanA

      Meant to say I will MISS seeing him again…

    • Mary McLeod

      We will all be seeing him again, Susan, along with all we love with hair, fur, skin, etc. Creator was truly magnificent and touched many of us with his spunk and grace…He had a true sense of self. He has his new body, freed from that old enemy of colic, and he runs with the Great Herd, awaiting us who love and believe.
      Many xxxxs and oooos to those who loved Creator,
      Mary in Boone

  3. Jen

    I saw this news after church Sunday, and was truly stunned. We have visited Old Friends a few times, and Creator our favourite—he was so dignified and grand, yet truly seemed to enjoy all of his human visitors. No doubt he had much more affection for those who cared for him, and he’ll be dearly missed…you all are in our thoughts. It will be difficult to return and not see that gorgeous flaming head peering over the fence!

  4. I’m stunned and very sad. Will miss him.

  5. colmel

    Reblogged this on Colmel's Blog and commented:
    Creator was so amazing. Words cannot express the depth of his character. I am sharing Old Friends’ (bless you, Beth) obituary as the photos, story, and links need to be shared. I will be adding a few of my own photos of Creator. Run free, beautiful boy! I’m sure that Sunshine was waiting for you to show you to the evergreen pastures.

  6. Gae

    The pictures alone tell you that Creator was very special. What a beautiful horse and what a great champion. I’ll read the English Racing Post tonight at home. Even though my employer publishes a few horse racing books (some good, some not so good), they blocked the link as a “gambling” sight. Oh well.

    God Bless Old Friends and Rood and Riddle for their good care, judgement and love.

  7. Oh, gosh! He was one of my faves, too. My sympathies to all of you at Old Friends who were his family. I was about to post a link on HayNet, a British equestrian social media website, to a blog post I’d written about one of my handful of memories about Creator. Then, I saw this post and linked to it instead. May your memories bring more smiles than tears soon.

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