November 11, 2014

This weekend we were saddened by the loss of Max A Million. On Saturday morning Max showed colic symptoms. Dr. Bryan Waldridge quickly administered treatment and Sallee generously spared a van from their full sales schedule to rush Max to the hospital. Max A Million did everything right. No horse could have tried with a steadier, more cooperative determination to survive. Though horse and humans worked hard together, the efforts to save his life did not succeed.

Max A Million, a 14 year old gelded son of Jules out of King’s Sweetest by Rollicking, was stakes placed. He ran third in the 2004 Florida Thoroughbred Charities Stakes and held his own on the track for years. When his racing days were over, Topcat Stables and Francis Vitale did right by the horse who had campaigned his whole career for them and ensured his future. Max A Million came to Old Friends in 2008. He lived at the main Kentucky farm.

Max was a compact bay, not flashy, not big, but handsome. He came as close to the perfect resident as any Old Friends has ever had. He was always kind, always willing and beautifully behaved. Oh, one time he was a little bad when he joined his best buddy Discreet Hero in pestering A. P. Slew. Just once in all his six years with us. Day in and day out, Max A Million was a sociable citizen of his herd and a total pleasure to be around.

He and Discreet Hero were always fast friends, and when Max colicked it was Discreet Hero who stood by him until help arrived. Hero is not the only one who will miss Max. In his many good days of retirement and in his final hours, Max A Million showed unfailing heart and kindness. We will all miss him.


Max a Million 090605-02



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6 responses to “November 11, 2014

  1. Oh Beth I am so sorry to hear this sad news about Max A Million. Please give yourself and everyone at Old Friends a big hug for me. It is never ever easy… I wish I could have met such a special boy. xox

  2. Tupster

    Dear Beth, Michael & Everyone There At Old Friends & Also Discreet Hero, I Just Wanted To Send You All My Condolences On Your Very Sad Loss Of Max A Million. Please Know All Of You Are In My Special Thoughts & Prayers!! Beth, Will You Give Discreet Hero Some Extra Hugs & Loving Pats From Me. Also I’am Sending Lots Of Gentle Hugs & Love To Each One Of You, Tupster xoxox

  3. MRO

    I saw Max from a distance in one of gelding enclosures several years ago. I’m wishing now I had the opportunity for more of an introduction. My condolences. I know he is missed.

  4. colmel

    Oh, Beth, I am so sorry. Please remind yourself and everyone there that you gave Max such a wonderful home for his retirement. He was happy there (what horse wouldn’t be?) and he was loved. No being can ask for more.

  5. Marlaine Meeker

    So sorry you lost such a kind soul but I always remind myself he ended this life in a good place. Thank you.

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