July 23, 2014

More about baths. Yes, we like our baths at Dream Chase Farm. Not just the unexpected baths when Special Ring or Popcorn Deelites splatters an unsuspecting tour from their favorite rain puddle. And not just the accidental baths we get when we clean the horses’ waterers enthusiastically. Or even the green and orange baths that occasionally spray Danthebluegrassman’s visitors when Dan eats his carrots (and Flick’s too, if can get them) too fast and eagerly. Our favorite baths, horse and human alike, are when we help relieve the heat and itchies of a hot, humid day like today has been, by giving a horse a refreshing shower.

We now have a bathing station at the back of the small barn and another one in front of the big barn for conveniently and safely treating the minor injuries and localized infections common with horses, and of course, for easy, enjoyable baths. Even those who don’t like sloshing water—for instance, Ogygian who has refused sponge baths for years, welcome the gentle spray from a hose, shampoo, and then you may use a sponge, thank you—that was a routine part of the intensive care and attention they got when they were young race horses and breeding horses. Most of our residents let us know they’re happy with the freedom of retirement, but most still enjoy getting familiar, pleasurable attentions.


Ogygian liked his bath better than getting his picture taken. Photo by Tim Wilson.

Ogygian liked his bath better than getting his picture taken. Photo by Tim Wilson.


Wallenda gets a bath. Photo by John Bradley.

Wallenda gets a bath. Photo by John Bradley.

Wallenda’s thriving despite old ligament and hoof issues is a testament to the excellent care he’s received our podiatrist, vets, staff, and most of all his own toughness and intelligence. He gets turn-out time every day that weather permits, but he must spend more time in a stall than most. For him, especially, a little jaunt out of the barn for a bath can make a hot day pleasurable.


Oh, y-e-s-s-s-s!

Oh, y-e-s-s-s-s!


Shower water is fun to drink, too. Photo by John Bradley.

Shower water is fun to drink, too. Photo by John Bradley.



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2 responses to “July 23, 2014

  1. Maggie

    Oh how I love the pictures, stories and such excellent writing skills! I am taken to the moments instantly and can picture all in my mind’s eye. So wish I could be a part. Am with you in spirit and so grateful for the posts. A good rub down to each of our four legged athletes and many thanks to all of the volunteers and staff. What a legacy. May God richly bless you all. Maggie

  2. Tupster

    Thanks Beth For Another Absolutely Wonderful Post As I Do Look Forward To Receiving Them & Enjoy Every Single One!!! Also Ever So Love These Beautiful, Handsome Photos Of The Boys!!! Especially Love This One Of Wallenda – With Him Looking Like He’s Saying Oh Y-E-S-S-S-S. – Perfect Spot….Sooooooo Adorable!!! And I Bet They All Do Enjoy Having A Wonderful Cool Bath On Those Such Hot Days You Are Having Down There. Do Hope Beth & Everyone At OF Are Trying To Keep As Cool As You Can Too. Take Care & Give ALL THE BOYS Loving Pats From Me & Gentle Hugs To You Beth & Everyone At Old Friends, Tupster xox

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