April 2, 2014

Spring is here! Tender green grass is sprouting, the horses are grazing with zest, and everybody’s starting to shed their winter coats. With the warmer weather comes a relaxed mood. Sarava, who doesn’t care for a pat on the nose in the winter, has been graciously accepting them. Eyes are soft, body language spells a growing contentment all over the farm, and playful little paddock dances are happening all around.

The new horses are settling in nicely. The newest boy on the block, Highland Ack (grandson of the great Ack Ack), has joined Dinard’s herd in the paddock next to Arson Squad and I’m Charismatic’s. Nicknamed Landy by his former exercise rider, who retrained, showed, and cared for him when his racing days were done, Highland Ack is a real sweetie! Newbies Maybesomaybynot, Bobby Sands, and Geronimo have been joined by Shadow Caster, who had been living at our nearby satellite location. Shadow Caster, by the way, is by Futural’s sire, Future Storm, a son of Storm Cat. And Johannesbourbon is making friends with every human he sees.

Rail Trip plays

Rail Trip plays

So does Catlaunch

So does Catlaunch


With the warmer breezes and green grass, the visitors are starting to show up in more numbers, too. That’s always one of the best signs that winter is over. The horses are loving the more frequent carrots and admiration. The spring meet at Keeneland is about to begin. The Derby trail is heating up. The tour guides are eager to introduce you to the new horses and facilitate good times with your favorites from your earlier visits or your memories of their racing days. We hope to see you at Dream Chase Farm in Georgetown, Kentucky soon!


photos by Laura

Afternoon Deelites takes a spin around his paddock

Afternoon Deelites takes a spin around his paddock


And our helpful office staff (a.k.a. Buddy - also Lucy and Desi -) look forward to your next visit!

And our helpful office staff (a.k.a. Buddy – also Lucy and Desi -) look forward to your next visit!



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One response to “April 2, 2014

  1. “If you save a life, you save the world entire.“ Quoted as engraved on a ring presented to Oscar Schindler from film, `Schindler`s List,` with which Steven Spielberg created a classic for the ages.
    Mr. Rogers was asked after 9-11, “what shall we tell the children?“
    `Look to the helpers,` he said.
    Watching these beautiful runners, knowing the human and humane life forces that nurture them daily, raises hope, no matter what comes.
    Thank you `OF.`
    A friend of `Mixed Pleasure` [`Bo`].

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