January 14, 2014

As you know if you follow Old Friends’ news, Sunshine Forever and Patton weren’t our only losses in these two weeks. As I wrote that entry, we hoped Dancin’ Renee’s condition was an abscess that would respond to treatment by our two Dr. Bryans. Unfortunately, Dr Bryan Waldridge and Dr. Bryan Fraley, discovered that the laminitis Renee had fought so long and bravely had reached fatal severity.

Being valiant was a lifelong trait of Renee’s. She was a graded stakes winner, with a rare 7 wins in a row, and earned the 1997 titles of New York Champion Sprinter, Champion Older Female and Horse of the Year. The day after Renee died, her daughter Risky Rachel honored her mom by winning the Minaret Stakes at Tampa Bay Downs.

Every time I go into the barn or by the round pen I miss Dancin’ Renee. But I was there when she passed, and she was telling us she was ready. She was in quiet, loving company and her going was perhaps the most peaceful I have ever seen.

On behalf of Old Friends, I want you to know how grateful we all are for the sympathy you have shown us during this most difficult time we have ever known. We look forward to sharing with you the happier times we trust are coming.



Dancin' Renee (1992-2014) at right, with her friend Klassy Briefcase (1985-2013)

Dancin’ Renee (1992-2014) at right, with her friend Klassy Briefcase (1985-2013). Photo by Rick Capone.



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8 responses to “January 14, 2014

  1. Bless Renee, and bless you all there at Old Friends. These Old Friends live on forever In our hearts & minds, but we shall always miss them. Thank you, Beth, for your caring, your beautiful words, and for being there to support the horses and all of the people at Dream Chase farm who love them so…

  2. Vivien

    A soft place to fall. The best we can for them. God love you, Beth. You’ve been with them through the wars. I thought she was a great lady. May she run again in green fields. Thanks for the post.

  3. colmel

    Oh, Beth…I hope there is nothing but wonderful news for all of us – but especially for all of you at Old Friends – in the coming months. I know Renee, Klassy and my dear Bonnie are all together in lush fields where they never hurt and never have to stop grazing.

    • oldfriendsblog

      Your mention of Bonnie brought a prickle to my eyes. Never stop missing them. I feel very, very fortunate to have known them.

  4. SusanA

    I was fortunate to see Rene on my last visit. Hoping Klassy Briefcase is doing ok without her best friend.

  5. SusanA

    meant to say hope Renee is doing ok now with her best friend Klassy.

  6. MRO

    I liked seeing the photo of Renee with Klassy.

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