September 25, 2013

Klassy Briefcase

Last week a beloved resident passed. In her racing days, Klassy Briefcase was red-hot fast, setting a world record for 5 furlongs on the grass. As a broodmare she excelled too. Read about her accomplishments here. We knew her in her quieter, advanced years when she’d adjusted to arthritis and other limitations of old age with absolute grace and kindness. We’ll always miss Klassy, who truly was all class.

Klassy Briefcase

Klassy Briefcase


Klassy Briefcase

Klassy Briefcase


Klassy's kind eye

Klassy’s kind eye


Rosie’s Photo Shoot

Last week I wrote about the chapeau Maggie Mae designs will create to honor Patton. This week the buzz is about Rosie Napravnik’s photo shoot. She’s modeling the current hat, the spirited Sean Avery chapeau. It goes up for auction this Nov. 1—mark your calendar! All proceeds will benefit Old Friends.

So, Thursday was the big day. Sean Avery was groomed to a sleek shine. Rosie came in an elegant dress, the perfect complement to the shape and color scheme the hat. The confident sweep of its black feathers was inspired by the name of Sean’s racing owner, Black Swan Stables, and its spunky hues recall their racing silks. Just as much, they express Sean’s own energy. He’s an upbeat guy.

Matt and Wendy Uzelac Wooley, otherwise known as Equisport Photos, generously donated their talents to the mix. So all converged in the barn to make the perfect photo to show off the joie de vivre of Sean Avery, the chapeau.

Only, the human participants hadn’t quite planned on the joie de vivre displayed by Sean Avery, the horse. I wish I could give a behind the scenes account. I wasn’t there. But here’s the video so you can see for yourself.

In fairness to Sean, he’d been in his stall so he’d stay clean and beautiful, and when he came out, he really wanted to play outdoors in his paddock. I love Rosie’s gentle, affectionate firmness in the video as she lets him know they had other business to take care of. Little Silver Charm, of course, is always ready to step into the spotlight. He was only too happy to show Sean how a pro handles a photo session.

As for Rosie in the chapeau, and the chapeau on Rosie…stunning! Old Friends is grateful—and then some—to Maggie Mae Designs, Rosie, Matt and Wendy, and all who try your luck for the distinctive Sean Avery chapeau in the auction, Nov. 1 We deeply appreciate all you do for Old Friends’ retirees!

– Beth



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2 responses to “September 25, 2013

  1. Pat

    Great video! Love the way Rosie interacted with Little Silver Charm especially!

  2. I wish I had met Klassy, Beth, from your words I can tell she was something pretty special. And what a list of accomplishments! And thank you for sharing some of the behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot with Rosie and the new Sean Avery chapeau. It all made me feel like I was right there, we are all so hoping for the best year ever for the “Hats Off to the Horses” auctions for Old Friends! 🙂

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