September 10, 2013

 Making Memories to support Old Friends.

Making Memories, Pottery and Ceramics, LLC, is hosting a weekend fundraiser to support our retired Thoroughbred athletes. On September 28 & 29, owner Marti Coterell has generously agreed to donate 15 % of shop sales to benefit Old Friends. In addition, on Saturday evening from 5-9 there will be an Old Friends meet and greet, where guests can chat with Old Friends volunteers and enjoy refreshments catered by Georgetown’s own Miss Stephanie’s Gourmet. Weekend hours are 10-9 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday, so come on out and paint your pony…or other pottery mold of your choice, to support our horses!

 1224 Paris Pike, in the Elkhorn Plaze, across from Arby’s in Georgetown. Making Memories is a paint your own pottery and ceramic studio, offering hundeds of pottery molds to choose from. They offer glazes (fired) and acrylic (non-fired) paints.

Viv – volunteer




It’s good to be Dan and Flick.

Have you ever been around someone that essentially gets to do whatever they want? They are usually good looking,outgoing and ultimately sweet. We have the greatest equine example of that here at Old Friends. His name is Danthebluegrassman. Yes, Dan is handsome and outgoing and sweet. And he is Teflon. It is just too funny. Dan has a slight issue sometimes while eating carrots. He blows orange stuff everywhere. No problem. He’s Dan. He pushes Flick around—in a brotherly way I might add. No problem. He’s Dan. He faked an injury to get out of jockey school. No problem. He’s Dan. I could go on and on. But he is gorgeous, outgoing, funny and loveable. So we forgive him. Everyone forgives him. Life is good.

While Dan is Teflon, Flick is movie star handsome, kind and should I say, “tolerant.” I swear they have it all worked out. Dan pushes Flick just slightly. Flick moves back, looking pitiful for just a second. Most visitors say aahhh. Then Flick gets extra carrots—especially from teen girls. He is our teen idol. Don’t tell Dan. He’ll be jealous. Just kidding. Come see Dan and Flick. They actually have a wonderful bond. You will feel good standing in their presence. You’ll probably laugh too. It’s good to be Dan and Flick.

Teri – tour guide


Remembering Courage

As I looked among Laura Battles’ photos for a good one of Dan and Flick, I happened on this oldie of hers. November 1991. Churchill Downs. Black Tie Affair leads the field in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, the grand finale that earned him the 1991 Horse of the Year championship. Marquetry can almost be seen too, the Juddmonte pink cap and green and white silks. He finished in the middle of this amazing field that included Unbridled, Summer Squall, Twilight Agenda, Fly So Free, Strike the Gold. Black Tie Affair led them all, wire to wire. This victory topped off a 6 race, all stakes series of victories. 


Why is the great Black Tie Affair not yet in the Racing Hall of Fame?

Beth – blog wrassler



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4 responses to “September 10, 2013

  1. Vivien

    Keep running, Black Tie. My sentiments exactly, Beth.

  2. SusanA

    What an awesome picture….gives me cold chills and makes me wish I had been there.

  3. colmel

    I just HAVE to send you this photo I took while there on August 23 (the day before my 60th birthday – what a great present)! I’m going to feature it in my blog within the next few weeks, but I have to share it with you, now.   Don’t know if you can add it to your current blog post, but I wouldn’t mind (as long as you credit me with the photo).


    Melissa Pappas Hamburg Township, Livingston County, MI   Blog:   “If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”  ~ Woodrow Wilson


    • oldfriendsblog

      Thanks so much mentioning OF on your “Colmel” blog! No photo was attached to your comment as it was received, but if you’d like to post your OF photo on your blog the link in your comment should take people right to it. Looking forward to seeing it!

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