August 14, 2013

What a great summer we’re having at the farm!  Plentiful rainfall ensures lush grass that all our retirees enjoy. Add to that lots of sunshine and numerous visitors with carrot treats, and I could almost swear our equine residents are smiling! 

Sarava hasn’t been with us a year yet, but he loves all the visitors and attention he receives.  As we start our tours, he comes running. His paddock neighbor Gulch is more dignified and takes some time deciding between sweet grass and carrots from visitors.  However, if 29-year old Gulch is at the fence, he expects to be fed first! The handsome Afternoon Deelites poses for photos and carrots.

Paddock mates Flick and Danthebluegrassman, I’m Charismatic and Arson Squad, and Popcorn Deelites and Special Ring are all best buds with their paddock mates, but competition can occur when it comes to carrots and attention from visitors!

All our residents have such delightful and different personalities!  Come visit and see for yourselves. We’d love to see you at Old Friends.  For all of you who have met and been charmed by our champions, thank you for visiting Old Friends.



2002 Belmont Stakes winner Sarava, photo by Laura Battles

2002 Belmont Stakes winner Sarava, photo by Laura Battles


farm from HoF cemetery

Dream Chase Farm, photo by Laura Battles



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