July 13, 2013

This Saturday’s highlight was Samantha Siegel’s visit to the farm to see Arson Squad! Samantha, of Jay Em Ess Stable, raced Arson Squad. When a training accident at Gulfstream Park ended the millionaire gelding’s racing career, she gave him a future. Thanks to her, Arson’s fractured leg and torn ligament were literally put back together again by Dr. Larry Bramlage and he got Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital’s special care until he was ready for retirement to Old Friends. We’re overjoyed that Arson could show Samantha how much he’s enjoying the life she made possible for him. Of course, both Little Silver Charm and Afternoon Deelites were each convinced that our guest of honor had come only to see him.

Arson isn’t the only resident who’s had a reunion. Last Saturday Miles Dunne, Commentator’s exercise rider, stopped by to visit him. We’re so pleased that Miles promised to drop by on his old buddy again when his busy schedule brings him to Kentucky! The horses most definitely do remember people who were important to them, and often they visibly enjoy visits from people in their past.

Danthebluegrassman was especially affectionate this Saturday. And especially lucky. During a tour some kids had fun rolling pieces of carrot under the fence for him to find and eat. Flick did not seem much impressed.

Sunshine Forever also enjoyed some lazy summer afternoon petting from his visitors. He had an important anniversary last week. 25 years ago he won the Lexington Stakes (G2) at Belmont, soaring into the series of magnificent performances that earned him the 1988 Eclipse Championship on the turf. Not that he seemed to be thinking about the past. In his infinite wisdom, Sunshine knows how to relax and enjoy each day—maybe he’s better at that than any other horse on the farm. He remains remarkably young for his age, as beautiful as ever, just a little more laid back and more gracious with each year that goes by.

Next weekend is BreyerFest! Old Friends loves our visitors who come over from the model horse festival, which is held annually at the Kentucky Horse Park. Breyerfest is a huge event around here, and one of our favorites, since many Breyer model collectors find time to come share their love of horses with our residents. Of course, Ferdinand’s son Bull Inthe Heather will be on hand to greet collectors of the Bull Inthe Heather model, Breyer’s creation to benefit the Old Friends retirees, and 100% of the profits from the model Bull Inthe Heather sold in our wonderful gift shop go to support Old Friends (sorry folks, the real Bully’s not for sale!). The Old Friends table will be at BreyerFest as usual, so do look for us there and come see us at the farm and check out the new items in the gift shop. We’re just a few minutes from the Horse Park.


Danthebluegrassman ready to love or mooch.

Danthebluegrassman ready to love or mooch.


Bully catches a nap.

Bully catches a nap.

Special Ring: “Wouldn’t I make a great Breyer model?”



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2 responses to “July 13, 2013

  1. Tupster

    Thank You For The Great Photos & So Loved Hearing About Arson Squad’s Visit As Well As Commentator’s Visit With Their Old Friends As Well.

    But I Always Enjoy Hearing About All The Old Friends Horses As Yourself Beth & All The Others Who Do Write On, This Beautiful Old Friends Blog (Even If I Don’t Always Comment) Always Makes Me Feel I’m There With All Of You & Of Course All The Wonderful Horses Too, Thank You For That!!!

    As I Will Never Be Able To Come To Old Friends Except In My Dreams, Since I Live With Ever Such Severe Total Full Body Chronic Pain Disease, UGH!!!!

    Enjoy The BreyerFest & Look Forward To Hearing All About It!!!!!

    Have A Great Week, Give All The Horses Loads Of Loves & Gentle Hugs From Me xox

  2. Alexandra

    What a wonderful blog entry! Thank you for taking the time to create a visual of your day with your loving words. I live in upstate NY and have a great appreciation for what you do.

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