June 26, 2013

ImageI love Gulch.  There, I said it.  It was not love at first sight.  It’s the kind of love gained through time and respect.  I am an Old Friends volunteer tour guide – by the way – best job ever.  On paper alone, Gulch is beyond impressive.  These are the statistics:  Won over 3 million dollars on the track.  Eclipse award winner.  Winner of 10 graded stakes.  Breeders’ Cup winner.  Sire of Kentucky Derby winner Thunder Gulch. Progeny earnings of over 97 million dollars.  Queen Elizabeth’s favorite thoroughbred.  Yes, that Queen Elizabeth.  But statistics are not the measure of “my Gulch.”  The great horses have an aura about them.  I am not quite sure what comes first, the aura or the achievements.  It is most probably a little bit of both.  He has that aura.  I just love everything about him.  I love his “toughness.”  I love his “intelligence.”  I love his sense of who and what he is.  False modesty is just not in Gulch’s DNA.  I love his lack of regard for foolishness.  I love “the package.”  Small but mighty.  I, selfishly, love standing in the presence of greatness.  He is the ultimate little engine that could.  There, I said it.  I LOVE Gulch.

Teri Haverfield




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5 responses to “June 26, 2013

  1. A great blog post about Gulch, Teri, I love him too!

  2. Mary Pilger

    Teri, I love that you expressed the way you feel for Gulch. He is a great one and I say that only from pictures and reading his accomplishments. I, too, like standing in the presence of greatness and hope one day I will meet Gulch.

  3. Laura

    ME TOO!!!
    and may he continue to live long…he’s already prospered 🙂
    last night, I found a descendant of his who is an Azerbaijan-bred (now in training at Keeneland)! on every continent, and in most every country, where TBs race, there are descendants of Gulch running, I can’t think of a better legacy than that, people eventually forget who won races, but when you see names in pedigrees for years and generations to come, *that* is a true measure of success
    I love you Gulch, you’re my favorite horse, too, and I cheer on your babies, grandbabies, great grandbabies, great great grandbabies, and beyond, and I will continue to forever

  4. Deborah Childs

    It couldn’t have been expressed any better and I think you said it for all of us.

  5. Gooden Uggla

    Equine Princes and Kings all know exactly who they are and what they’ve done. The sense of self is startling at first.

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