April 22, 2013

Valerie Mulgrave, our primary Sunday tour guide and blogger extraordinaire over the past few years, decided she needed more time to dedicate to her other life. After working all week and helping Janet on Saturdays, she understandably needed one day to herself. We will miss her gifted commentaries and unique voice. While we won’t be able to replace her, we’re going to try to substitute a solo voice with a large choir. We’ll have blog posts from some of our volunteers and an occasional special guest.  We’re looking forward to hearing from more of Old Friends’ friends.



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7 responses to “April 22, 2013

  1. Dawn Deems

    We will sure miss Val’s lovely stories and anecdotes about the retirees. But it is understandable, and we wish her well. I think it would be fun to allow visitors to submit stories about their time at Old Friends for future blog posts. I’m sure visitors have varying degrees of horse experience, and it would be a unique perspective. We will be there this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing my old favorites again, as well as meeting some of the new retirees – Rapid Redux and Sarava in particular.

  2. colmel

    I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that we will miss Valerie, but I’m very glad that Old Friends will continue to Blog On. The Old Friends Blog was instrumental in getting me started on my own blog. Since I live in Michigan, I always look forward to hearing about everyone (equine, canine, and human) at Old Friends so I can keep up with all the special beings there.

  3. Anne Castle

    Val’s posts will be missed. She always showed a personal love for everyone of the horses at Old Friends. She knew every resident’s personality. You could tell that each story was carefully written and heart felt. I know many here that visit the Old Friends Site will truly miss her. Knowing you, Michael, you will do your best to fill this hard act to follow.

  4. Pat

    I know we’ll all miss Val! But I look forward to continuing to hear from all the different folks who will give voice to Old Friends.

  5. Tupster

    Hi Michael,

    Am So Sorry To Hear About Val, I Did So Enjoy Reading Her Blogs But Do Understand!! I Will Look Forward To Whoever Writes Here, As I Love Hearing & Reading About All Old Friends Horses!!!! Give All The Horses Pets, Hugs And/Or Loves From Me. Plus When You Do See Val, Say Hi To Her From Me OK.

  6. Fern Blair

    Thank you Valerie for your compassionate insights and in general making us feel as if we were really right next to you at Old Friends with all the old friends. I will miss you…
    Fern Blair

    • I surely have missed Val, but do understand her need for R And R! She gave us insights into the horses personalities with humor, pathos, and outstanding knowledge. Enjoy your rest, Val and come back anytime!.

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