Tuesday November 13, 2012

A few photos from a visit to the annex farm last weekend…



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3 responses to “Tuesday November 13, 2012

  1. Susan A

    Hi Val, They all look really good…nice to see these guys who are not on the regular tour! I actually got to make a last minute trip to Lexington last weekend and a visit to OF…sorry I missed you again! All the horses looked great… Marquetry really put on a nice “show” for us! He was feeling good! I was so glad that Commentator was back and I saw Zippy Chippy and Red Down South load the van to leave to go back to NY! Hope you all have a good and safe “winter” season!

  2. MRO

    I can’t you how much I enjoyed seeing photos of some of the “other” horses. It seems most of my favorites are now at the annex. Klassy Briefcase is precious. Also, I’m so happy Stormy Passage is getting outdoor time. I’d love an update/photos of Judge’s Case.

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