Sunday October 28, 2012

Brrrr.  I am so NOT ready for this weather.  From 80 degrees on Thursday, we were lucky if we reached 48 today.  Gloves, hats, fleece, winter coats—everyone came prepared today, and it was a good thing.  Between the wind, the cold and the gray clouds, it seemed even worse than it probably was.

But the horses love this weather.  All the horses were very active this morning—at the very least trotting over for carrots, and in most cases running.  Pops and Ring ran circles around their shed, kicking the wall every time they passed the back side.  Run, squeal, bang, run, squeal, bang.  Over and over.  But I kind of expect bad, or at least entertaining, behavior from Pops and Ring.

Along with Pops and Ring, you can expect Prized and Marquetry to show off, and they didn’t disappoint. Prized is kind of funny—if he is in the mood, he will accept carrots and pats like a perfect gentleman.  If he is feeling a little cranky, he will take carrots but you better watch for his teeth.  Today he was in a pretty good mood.  He would let us get 15 or 20 feet ahead of him along the fence, then catch up at a floaty canter with his neck arched and his tail flagged.  He moves like a youngster, pretty as can be. 

You and I is spending a great deal of his time trying to get the attention of the mares at the farm next door, but he is not opposed to interrupting his flirting to run over for some carrots.  As soon as he gobbles his share, he wheels around and heads back toward his girls at a run.  You and I looks absolutely gorgeous—he is black as midnight in his winter coat.  When the light hits him you can see dapples, which is fairly unusual on a winter coat.  And he is apparently vain enough to have very little mud on that beautiful black coat!

It’s inevitable, I suppose, for any new horse to become somewhat obsessed with the carrot bucket.  Sarava is no different.  All of a sudden he has become a show-off who comes over at a run, tossing his head and posing for the cameras.  And boy, you better give him carrots for his efforts!  He is an awfully pretty horse when he poses for the cameras. I think his fame is kind of irritating to Patton, Sarava’s paddock neighbor. I can kind of see Patton rolling his eyes over the whole thing. 

We had some nice visitors today, among them a couple of ladies who had never touched a horse.  I love that, because we have some horses they can pat to their heart’s content.  One of the ladies kept remarking on how soft the horses’ noses are, which often seems to come as a surprise to people who have never touched a horse.  And when the first horse you ever pat is a Belmont Stakes winner, well, that’s pretty cool!

Commentator is back from his summer vacation in New York, looking for mints, as always.  He is still the only horse I know who pins his ears back when you offer him carrots.  I guess carrots are OK, but unless you have candy, Tator is bound to be disappointed! I think Zippy and Red are due to head back north shortly. 

I know probably should take more photos as we walk around on tours, especially on an active day like today. But there was one horse who was more interested in a nap, and I did get a photo of that.  So, here is Arson Squad napping in his stall, after neatly arranging his hay as a pillow.  See why I want to bring him home?

We hope you can visit us soon, but in the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends!




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3 responses to “Sunday October 28, 2012

  1. Hello Val,
    When I visited last month, forgot to inquire about AP Slew. How’s he doing currently?

  2. Barbara McGlothern

    You just know I love hearing about Pops and Ring, Thanks again for this great blog Val!

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