Sunday February 12, 2012

With bright blue skies and sunshine, it looked warmer than the 32 degrees it actually was today. No tours scheduled, but it was fun wandering around the farm and snapping some pictures.  Of course, for every horse that came over and posed, there was another that couldn’t be bothered!  And for anyone who hasn’t seen just how muddy horses can be–take a look at Wallenda, showing off in the sunshine this afternoon!

(For those of you whose devices won’t allow you to read the labels on the pics–clockwise from top right:  Fabulous Strike, Gasconade, Patton, Swan’s Way, You and I, Wallenda playing in the sunshine, Sunshine Forever, Marquetry saying hi, Fortunate Prospect napping, Afternoon Deelites.)



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5 responses to “Sunday February 12, 2012

  1. Gulchfan

    Great to see Wallenda outside! 🙂
    …looks like mud luvin’ is genetic!

  2. SusanA

    Hi Val,
    Thanks for the great pictures… “Sunshine” with his tongue out..great shot! Can’t wait to see them again in April!

  3. Fran

    Great photos as always – Thanks Val!!

  4. Dawn

    They all look soooo happy! I’m partial to Marquetry and Wallenda. 🙂 Can’t wait to come for another visit in a couple months!

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