Sunday January 8, 2012

I’m not too sure what’s happened to our winter, because it sure was a nice weekend in central Kentucky.  Today was a sunny day with temperatures in the upper 40s and a very light wind.  I have no doubt the real January weather will arrive eventually, but for now the horses were all enjoying some naptime in the warm sunshine.  When I arrived at the farm today, I could see Gramps, Sunshine, Kiri and Afternoon Deelites were all stretched out in the sun.  Most of the other horses were standing for their naps, and no one was very active.

No tours were scheduled today, so Bea and Roberta closed shop to attend some of the stud farm open houses that are always scheduled this time of year.  Along with Greg and Marley, I opted to take advantage of the quiet time at Old Friends to commandeer a golf cart and take a ride to the back of the farm.  I had yet to meet our two new gray horses, Diamond Stripes and Mikethespike.  That was high on my to-do list and it turns out both horses are pretty nice.

We made a stop to say hello to Marquetry, who is still in recovery from his colic surgery late last year. Marq continues to do well, and while he still is barred from treats, he nonetheless loves attention.  So we patted and fussed over him for awhile.  From there, we stopped to meet Diamond Stripes, who was hanging out in the round pen.  Stripes is a tall, lanky gray horse who came right over and happily munched some carrots and a mint.  I imagine some of the “lanky” will go by the wayside after a few months of Old Friends groceries—this tends to happen with horses off the track—but he seems like a very friendly horse who will enjoy being an Old Friends retiree.

One of the amusing things about wintertime is how different horses react to the slowdown in large tours and the corresponding drop in treats.  So for example, Dan looked over at us, decided we weren’t worth the effort and went back to napping.  Flick never even glanced over, and Ogygian didn’t bother to lift his head from his pile of hay.  On the other hand, Bull met us at the earliest opportunity and was vocal about demanding some treats—now, dang it!  Commentator stood across from Bull and grabbed at his carrots like he was afraid they would disappear if he didn’t hurry.  As we proceeded up the hill, Jimmy was laying down in the sun on the far side of his paddock, but Williamstown and Tinner’s Way  were waiting for our arrival.

Many of our old horses are surprisingly limber and mobile—Swan’s Way, Ogygian, even Fortunate Prospect at age 31, are quite sound.  But Williamstown is one of the horses having a more difficult time with arthritis.  He doesn’t move too smoothly anymore, and he is very careful where he puts his feet when he does move around.  Despite his aches and pains, his coat is shiny black, he is otherwise healthy and he was happy to eat as many carrots and mints as we wanted to feed him.  In his own way Willie likes to play, although you have to pay attention because he figures it’s your problem if your fingers just happen to get caught between his teeth!  But he likes to lick the salt off my hand and have me rub his nose and forehead.  All that attention for Willie just aggravates the socks off Tinner, who stomped and tossed his head until we got to him.   Tinner doesn’t want to play.  He just wants his fair share of the food!

Once we got to the back of the farm, we found Cherono and his buddy Ball Four waiting at the fence for us.  Even Bonapaw came over for treats, as did Kudos.  Next door, Futural tried to chase off Affirmed Success, who intelligently just met us farther down the fence for his share.  Mikethespike met us at the corner, and clearly has stamped out his spot in the pecking order.  No one dared chase him off.

When you don’t see the horses for a few weeks or even a month or two, any changes in their condition is very noticeable.  There was a pretty, chubby, shiny bay horse in a paddock next to Regal Sanction that I did not recognize.  I had to ask Janet—it was Delay of Game!  He looks great—he’s put on weight, his winter coat is thick and soft. He’s always been a nice old boy, and he really seems happy living in the peace and quiet at the back of the farm.

We also have a new mare named Santona, who is a sweet girl.  In fact, she is so sweet that I believe Hidden Lake is jealous, because she kind of gave us the brush off.   By far, Old Friends has mostly boys, so spending time with a sweet old mare is a treat.  It’s a totally different interaction—unless of course the mares are feeling cranky.  Then it’s a whole other dimension!   But for today the girls were all feeling mellow.  Except for Lake, who was pouting, I guess!

As we drove back down the hill, Pops and Ring barely roused themselves from their nap for treats.  They woke up when they saw Leave Seattle, You and I and Prized head our way for treats–then Pops and Ring came thundering down the hill.  All the stallions along the route came over, although Kiri was so zonked in the sunshine that we had to practically walk up to him to get so much as an ear flicker.  He eventually heaved himself up and wandered over for carrots, but it could have gone either way!  We stopped to see Sunshine who mostly wanted to play, and Patton who mostly wanted carrots.  Afternoon Deelites came over at a canter, tossing his head and looking handsome.  He is such a show-off, perhaps rivaled only by Commentator and his own son Pops. You can count on AD to make an entrance, that’s for sure.

We had a really nice time just meandering around the farm, spending time with the horses and, like Delay, enjoying the peace and quiet.  A nice winter day is a great time to visit Old Friends, and we do offer tours all winter long.  Please call the office for reservations at 502-863-1775. We hope to see you soon, but in the meantime thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends.



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11 responses to “Sunday January 8, 2012

  1. Becky

    How is Clever Allemont doing? He is one of my favorites. You also mentioned awhile ago that Sunshine was showing his age – is he doing OK?

    • oldfriendsblog

      Both Clever and Sunshine are doing great for a couple of old guys. Clever turned 30 this year and Sunshine is 27. Both of them are happy and healthy! -Val

  2. Norma Downing

    Thank you, Val, for another wonderful post! For just a little while, I felt like I was there with you. Sure wish I had been. I’m anxious for the next time we get to visit and meet all the new friends who have arrived since our last visit. I, too, feel the need to pay my respects to those who have gone on since we were there – especially Oscar and dear Bonnie! Really hope to see y’all soon.

  3. colmel

    Wow, don’t know who Norma is, but she just pirated my post! Anyway, really enjoyed your latest post, Val!

  4. Me too – thanks for your post – I felt like I was there too! So glad to hear Marquetry is doing well. My horse is a half brother – by Conquistador Cielo. I didn’t realize their connection when I had visited Old Friends this past November, so now I’m even more jazzed to see him when I visit again!

    • oldfriendsblog

      Ironically, Marquetry’s champion son Artax succumbed to complications from colic in South America this weekend. Makes me even more aware of how lucky Marq was that Kent found him early that morning as he colicked. -Val

      • colmel

        We lost our mare, Untarnished (Silver Buck – Permanent Cut), to colic when she was carrying a foal. We lost both. Colic is a horrible thing! So sad to hear about Artax!

  5. MRO

    So who is Sontona? I did not see her on pedigree query. I always need to know the age and the lineage :). Hope she enjoys living out her days at OF.

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