Thursday November 24, 2011

 For the past couple of years, The Wicked North has offered to take over writing the Thanksgiving blog.  With his loss earlier this year I just wasn’t sure about who to ask, so I consulted with Fortunate Prospect, our wise patriarch.  He suggested I ask Afternoon Deelites to take over. Personally, I think Gramps suggested him because AD is a major busybody.  As predicted, AD was thrilled to be asked.  So, without further ado….here’s AD!  -Val

Wow, I haven’t even been here a full year, and I’ve been asked to do this.  How honored am I? Of course, I do have some “cred” as far as writing.  My owner was Burt Bacharach, the famous songwriter.  So writing, of a sort, runs in the family.  Plus, I live in the paddock at the top of the driveway.  I supervise everything that goes on here! 

OK, OK, I’m getting to it, cool your jets.  I heard that Norty always asked what we were most thankful for.  So I asked that same question and to tell you the truth, I was amazed by some of the answers. And then, there were the kids–I mean, really?  Carrots and peppermints are great, but they are kind of a given here.  Couldn’t we come up with something, anything, more meaningful than that?  Sigh.  I can see I am going to have to explain the concept of deep thinking to some of these kids.  Well, just don’t blame me if you don’t like the answers, ok?

Gulch-– Meh, AD, you know you can’t expect much from some of these youngsters.  All they want is a new iPad and some attention.  None of them want to work at it.  I mean, what—they race a couple times and off to the shed?  Back in my day we worked for our millions.  Thank goodness there are still some of us old-timers around to remember when we had to race uphill both ways, barefoot, in a blizzard, carrying a humongous rider…

Clever Allemont— Oh for Pete’s sake, Gulch.   Personally, I consider every day a gift.  And boy do I appreciate green grass, my cozy stall at night and all the kids who like to visit me.  What’s better than that?

Ogygian—I am a simple guy, and I do appreciate carrots and attention.  But mostly, I just love to hang out under my tree in the sunshine and daydream.  It’s a perfect retirement and I am thankful every day for it.

I’m Charismatic—Carrots.   

AD—And here is my first student… IC, you mean you can’t come up with something, I don’t know, more interesting?  I know you have had issues with your ankles.  Surely there is something you are thankful for…hint, hint?

I’m Charismatic Okay AD, I think I see your point.  I have to thank all the OF people who have had so much patience with me.  I can go outside now, where people bring me lots and lots of carrots!

 (AD— annd we’re back to the carrots…)

Stormy Passage— Do you think AD is trying to tell us it’s NOT all about the carrots?  I don’t know if I can agree with that…Okay, Okay.  Thanks to everyone who found a way to get me to Old Friends.  And to everyone here who has taken such good care of me ever since.  I’ll happily express my appreciation–by eating more carrots!

Gasconade—snicker, snicker.  I’m thankful I was busy on the day Stormy was gelded.  Tee hee.  

(AD—does he know his day is coming, I wonder?) 

Prized— Been here a few months now.  I am really enjoying it.  People are friendly,  lots of grass, plenty of attention.  I kind of like that little brown dog—Marley?– that comes around on Sundays.  She kisses my nose sometimes.

You and I—This place is still kind of new to me, but I think I like it. My brother Prized is across the way and Uncle Sunshine is nearby, too. It’s good to have them to talk with.  I wish my other brother Kudos lived closer, but he does his own thing with his friends up on the hill. 

Patton—You know what really struck me when I came to Old Friends earlier this year?  Everyone here is so very kind.  I don’t think there is enough kindness in the world and we could all use more of it. So being here, it’s nice.  I figure, maybe if I am kind to our visitors, they will pass it on when they leave.  Yeah.  Anyway, that’s what I think.

Marquetry—I totally agree with Patton.  And a special thanks to everyone who got me to the clinic in time for my surgery a few weeks ago.   It was scary at first, but I’m feeling better every day.  And while my diet is pretty strict right now, kisses are still allowed!  Patton, I’ll be back in my paddock next door in no time. We’ll catch up then…. 

Kudos—hey You!   

Swan’s Way–  Dear Readers:  Please note my recent change of address.  I now reside just behind the farm office.  Do you think I need to notify the post office?  I don’t want to miss getting any of my mail.

Kiri’s Clown—Gulch!  Our grandkids—chips off the old blocks, eh?  I’m so proud of them both I could just burst! (Val’s Note:  that would be Get Stormy and Court Vision) 

Cherono—I really love my new field with Kudos and Bonapaw.  And my new best friend, Ball Four. 

Ball Four—back atcha, bro….. 

Danthebluegrassman—Yeah, we all really fell into it when we came here.  I wish even more people would visit—because we love meeting new people.  And to take a page from the kids—more people does mean more carrots…. 

AD—I give up. How did Norty do this?  It’s like herding barn cats…

Fortunate Prospect—I hate to get too involved in all this blog stuff.  I don’t really understand these computers. And what’s a smartphone, anyway?   But since I am the elder statesman, and I do turn 31 in a few weeks, I guess I need to say something.  So, here goes.  Ahem. Speaking for all of us here at Old Friends—equine, human, canine, and feline—we wish you all a most enjoyable and happy Thanksgiving.  Come visit.  And bring carrots…

 AD—Et tu FP?  That’s it.  Next year someone else can do this!     

(A reminder, AD—you love your carrots, too. So stop trying to fool us! –Val) 

Happy Thanksgiving to all, from everyone at Old Friends!!



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6 responses to “Thursday November 24, 2011

  1. nan

    i wish all of the photos would carry the name of the pictured horse…

  2. Suzanne

    We miss the blog, will we hear from you tomorrow?

  3. nan

    i have tried rolling the mouse over the pictures… nothing…

    • oldfriendsblog

      A computer mystery, Nan, because generally the names do pop up when you point to the picture. You might try double clicking on each picture to load it separately to see if that works. Good luck.

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