Sunday November 6, 2011

It was another busy weekend (aren’t they all?), starting with the Breeder’s Cup on Friday and Saturday, and finishing with the Old Friends Breeder’s Cup BBQ today.  The weather in Kentucky could not have been better—low 60s, blue autumn skies, and bright sunshine made for an awfully pretty weekend. 

For Old Friends, the Breeder’s Cup was topped off by Court Vision’s win in the Breeder’s Cup Mile.  Court Vision is a son of our own Gulch.  Not that Gulch seemed to care much—he spent most of the party today as far away from people as he could get, with his back turned.  Parties are clearly not his thing.  The other Old Friends horse running yesterday was Kiri’s Clown’s grandson Get Stormy.  Stormy led for much of the way in the same race, giving way in the stretch to finish back in the pack. Still, it was a fine Old Friends kind of race.  

I stopped over to the new farm this morning to see Wallenda (who, by the way, is also a son of Gulch).  The new facility is pretty spectacular—peaceful, green and away from traffic and people noise.  Wallenda has decided he is the mac daddy alpha male of the new farm, and he is spending his time scoping out the mares on the neighboring farms.  I told him to settle down but he still came over to visit at a trot, showing off his new status as the man in charge–at least in his own mind… 

It was quiet at the new farm until Falcon Scott and WC Jones decided to have a competition.  The two geldings live in side-by-side paddocks.  They raced, bucked, kicked and then raced some more.  Each horse apparently was trying to out-do the other, but I’ll tell you this—WC Jones? Not that fast.  Falcon Scott?  He can move

The BBQ this afternoon was great—music, food, and both silent and live auctions.  I think it might have been our best-attended farm party ever, and I saw plenty of new faces.  I also saw many returning friends, and it’s always fun to see them.   I brought Marley to the picnic and that was one dog who had a total blast!  A party animal at heart, she wandered from person to person, greeting everyone.  As Dr. Byers said, that dog knows how to work a crowd. 

I took a short walk with one of our regular, returning friends today, visiting with Afternoon Deelites who was behaving nicely.  Fortunate Prospect took his daily nap, party or not.  Gulch, as stated earlier, was ignoring the entire event and all the corresponding visitors.  Clever was too busy grazing to visit, and Ogygian was halfway napping.  Bull and Commentator were busy entertaining a tour–because you know, people with a treat bucket always trump people with no treat bucket!  On the other hand, no horse loves a party more than Danthebluegrassman.  Dan, along with Flick, ran back and forth from one side of the paddock to the other, from person to person to person. I not so sure we couldn’t have turned Dan loose and he would have wandered around visiting, happy as can be.  Of course, he probably would have raided the BBQ table.  I could see him digging right into the dessert plates. 

I did take a quick detour to see Marquetry, who is in the barn and off-limits on a party day. But people have been asking about him so I thought I’d provide a first-hand report.  As you know, he had colic surgery last week.  He is doing fine and recovering nicely.  And as you can imagine, his diet is carefully controlled right now.  He also is sporting a wide, white bandage around his belly.  But he came over for a bit of cuddling and some kisses.  The thing about Marq is, as much as he loves treats, he’s just as content with love and kisses.  So kisses he got! 

The festivities were still in full swing as I left the farm for the day.  I stopped to say hi to Swan’s Way, who was hanging out near the driveway greeting people as they came and went.  Swannie also wanted some attention, and a mint or two.  He was more than content to give me minty kisses for a few minutes.  It was a nice way to end the day. 

We hope you can visit us soon.  In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends! 



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One response to “Sunday November 6, 2011

  1. Barbara McGlothern

    Wish I could have been there for the festivities! Great weekend for racing.
    Hello to all, especially Pops and Ring and what were they up to today??

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