Sunday October 23, 2011

Weekends are just too short sometimes, and this one was especially so. Went to Keeneland for the races yesterday, where the 7 year old niece cheered home more winners than the rest of us combined.  (Her method?  Pick horses with pretty names.  I know.  But it worked!)

One of the benefits of Keeneland for the community is that the meet attracts people from all over. Those folks often make a stop at Old Friends, and I enjoy having race fans on tours.  Of course we also had people who were in town for a wedding, and some others who brought their own out of town visitors for a tour.  All in all, it was pretty busy.

The day was kind of cool and overcast, and we even had a raindrop or two this afternoon.  The horses are all getting pretty fuzzy, some more so than others.  Afternoon Deelites still looks relatively sleek, as does Creator.  Gulch’s coat is not real long, but it is thick and it’s going to be very wooly. It’s the same for Clever.  Kiri’s Clown and Patton are pretty velvety.  Someone asked me this afternoon what color you would call Prized.  I guess his registered color is dark bay or brown, but really…he’s black right now.

Stormy Passage has graduated to a small paddock down by the pond each morning.  Probably the best part of that move, to him, is he has access to carrots!  He is really enjoying himself and is such a pretty little bay horse—everyone loves him. 

This afternoon, we had a group of people (ok, women) who were beyond entertained by Special Ring’s tattoo trick.  We spent 20 minutes listening to the ladies sing-song the word “tattoo” in an effort to get Ring to pose with his lip flipped up so they could photograph and video the trick. I believe the entire effort is going to be posted somewhere online, so I will be watching for it and will share the link.  You’ll probably hear me in the background, laughing…

I don’t often get to take visitors over to see my buddy Wallenda, partly because he lives next door at the annex farm, and also because regular visitors, with their corresponding treats, are not really a good thing for him.  But there was a special request to see him today, so we trotted over to the annex.  Wallenda raced for Dogwood Stable, and it is nice to see the Dogwood fans remember the big horse.  Wallenda certainly enjoyed the fussing and the carrots.  He posed nicely for photos, too.

By the time we got around to the late afternoon tour, some of the horses were more interested in their impending dinner than in getting carrots.  Dan was cranky, and so was Leave Seattle.  I kind of think we interrupted Sunshine’s afternoon nap.  Patton didn’t let us down, and neither did Kiri.  Both horses ambled right over for treats, even if they did meet us conveniently close to their feeders.  Afternoon Deelites, however, is arrogant enough to know that he can greet us at each corner of his paddock, gobble treats, pose for photos, and still zoom right back across the paddock to get his dinner when it’s ready! 

One visitor told me today that there was a time, back in the day, when Shetland ponies were all the rage and a little stallion like Silver Charm could have been worth ten or twenty thousand dollars.  I don’t know what Charmie would do if he were “rich,” but you would can bet he’d be flashing some bling, trying to impress the girls!

On a sad note, we are mourning the loss of Personalized last weekend, after she broke her hip.  I think it caught all of us by surprise, since she was comparitively young and in good health.  But, she had a fine life in a large, grassy paddock with her girlfriends, and that is something good.  Still, we will all miss her very much.

That wraps up another weekend in Kentucky.  We hope you can visit us soon, but in the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends!    -Val



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2 responses to “Sunday October 23, 2011

  1. Susan A

    Hi Val,
    Just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful visit last Friday at Old Friends….all the horses looked so good and I got some more great pictures to add to my collection from over the past 4 years! Pops and Ring were a “hoot” of course and Prized is very handsome! I really love Fortunate Prospect, he was very kind. Was excited to get the new 2012 calendar!! John was my tour guide that day and as we chatted, I found out he and Amanda are moving to NC….and just about 40 miles east of where I live! Would you please wish them my best and a safe move……….I know you guys will be missing them though! (I jokingly asked them that when they went back to visit in KY would they please come and pick me up and bring me with them!!!) Anyway, I was so glad to get my “Old Friends” fix and I sure hope we can meet on a future visit!

  2. Gae

    Sorry to read about Personalized. I was fortunate to see her sire and Lady’s Secret run at Belmont. Ed Fontaine had a nice comment in the NY Post about the winner of Sunday’s third race — seems like that gallant gelding has been well cared for and trained to come back and win after such a long absence and health problems.

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