Sunday August 28, 2011

Notes from the farm:

-Nick did tours for me yesterday.  Thanks Nick.  Those of you who had tours yesterday had a good one, I know.   Unless you saw one of these freakishly large Kentucky spiders…

-Hoof trimming day last week went smoothly.  It’s fun to watch the horses watch the other horses get their pedicures.   Most everyone was easy to catch, too.  Falcon Scott took a run around his paddock, just because he could.  Creator did the same but he doesn’t really have the inclination to work too hard to get away, so after a few strides at a canter he gave up and stood like a gentleman. 

-Pops and Ring have a well-earned reputation for being hard to catch on trim day.  As a result, any number of people were lined up at the fence waiting for the show.  And you guessed it:  contrarians that they are, Pops ran toward us  to be easily caught and Ring stood quietly next to him waiting for his halter.  All I could think was, “Really?  Really?”  Once again, the hoodlums prove they are smarter than the people. (I might like to add to Kent:  ha! and a wink).

-The mares-Hidden Lake, Personalized, Miss Hooligan-wandered over to the fence to watch the boys next door get trimmed, then stood perfectly while their own feet were done.  Sensible girls, all of them.

-Tinner’s Way,  not necessarily known for standing quietly, ever,  proved that his rep depends on his mood. He barely needed to be held onto.

-Angie Dickinson,  movie star, TV’s Police Woman, Old Friends supporter and all around nice person, spent some time at the farm last week.  Had the great pleasure of  meeting her, and also was honored that she joined several of us for some personal conversation.  It was a memorable experience.

– Noor is on his way to Old Friends, to be re-interred in what will become our Hall-of-Fame cemetary. Noor beat both Citation and Assault, both Triple Crown winners, and was owned by Seabiscuit’s owner Charles Howard.  Some history there, for sure.  Noor’s ceremony is this coming Wednesday morning (8/31) and is open to the public.  Call the office for more info. 


And here are a couple other photos from this week.  The handsome Gasconade looking regal while his hooves are trimmed:

Gramps (Fortunate Prospect) enjoying a nice summer day:

Tour of the Cat:

Thornfield sends kisses:

Have a good week, everyone.  Thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends!  -Val



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5 responses to “Sunday August 28, 2011

  1. It must be that everyone who believes ‘the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man,’ holds a bit different reason in his or her heart. Right now, I`d love to know Mr. Churchill`s, for it might never have been on his resume` to groom and clean stalls and do the ground work some like me still value as their horse experience. . .. And right now, too, because my plans stand at a crossroads, it is with a lot of gratitude that all your work and outreach means so much. Please know that what you do for the horses at ‘OF,’ you do so we can enjoy vicariously their keep and care. And thank you for Noor`s rest. Khc.

  2. Michele

    I have a question about Noor’s remains. I hope that I don’t sound morbid, but I am curious. Was he buried in whole (I have heard that it is not done that often?) or is it an urn with ashes? How is it transported? Very interesting. Sorry if it is a weird question!

    • oldfriendsblog

      He was buried entire I believe. I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony this morning but I know the digging involved a bobcat.. I think that cremation is far more common these days but even 20 years ago it probably wasn’t. So it just depends I suppose! -Val

  3. Becky

    Check out the Noor facebook page (linked to Old Friends homepage) for additional information

    A very thoughtful and expressive (and personal)sharing of the Noor journey. Well done. I look forward to visiting in Novemeber. A grear idea for the cemetery for champions!!!.

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