Sunday July 10, 2011 Part 2

The morning started out pretty hot, and as the afternoon wore on it arguably got only hotter. I was thankful for the six-passenger golf cart, as we had a number of folks who really needed the ride.  Marley the tour dog also enjoys the free ride, and she claims shotgun every time. There was a little girl today who was more interested in Marley than the horses, and the two of them shared the front navigator spot for the entire tour.  And we had a little boy who discovered he was perfect fit for the cradle of the tree between Pops and Ring and the cemetery.  He pretty much hid himself in the branches, 4 or 5 feet off the ground, and enjoyed the shade. 

Afternoon Deelites continues to be encumbered with his grazing muzzle–and just try telling him it’s for his own good—but he is willing to come over to visit us anyway.  He enjoys having someone to chase flies, rub his face and scratch his back.  But he doesn’t stay long, preferring to go back to his diet grazing.  Still, he is a lovely horse and along with Patton and Marquetry has become a go-to visit for people who are just a little intimidated by horses. 

One lady today remarked on Marq’s eyes.  Each horse’s individual personality clearly shines out of their very expressive eyes.  Commentator, for example, has a look of Trouble with a Capital T—mischievous for sure.  Sunshine looks smart and calm, Patton patient and gentle.  Gulch looks at you like you might just be interrupting His Majesty’s day (and you probably are) and Bull’s gleam with the knowledge treats are in the offing.   AD just looks intelligent and aware.  But Marq looks like a little boy—curious, happy and enthralled with everything he sees.  Even people who have never been near a  horse pick that up about him right away.

Last weekend we went to Pittsburgh to see family, where our young nieces are shareholders in several of the Old Friends horses.  The horses–Dan, Pops and Sunshine–sent along some Old Friends swag to their girls.  Niece Kayla, who is the proud owner of a Danthebluegrassman share, (after initially bonding with Black Tie Affair—she has excellent taste in horses!) especially enjoyed her gift and trotted right off to craft a thank-you note to her horse.  Thought I’d share it here…I know she is my niece, but I ‘m allowed to think its pretty cute!  But I think it also gives an inkling of how special a visit to Old Friends can be for anyone,  and especially for a little girl. 

We hope you can visit us soon. We are open for tours daily.  For a reservation, call the office at 502-863-1775. Until then, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends!



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  1. Maureen

    yes!! his majesty….king Gulch says just bring me carrots….and dont forget to tell me how fantastic i am. thats my guy!!!!

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