Sunday July 10, 2011

We are smack in the midst of summer, and I think today was probably the warmest Sunday of the year.  Hot, humid, sunny and still, the day was best suited for finding some shade and taking a nap. There was very little activity outside of swishing flies and sweating!

Nevertheless, we had a full day of tours.  Kids, parents, grandparents; ages ranged from a three year old to a 93 year old, and a lot in between.  We began all our tours today with Marquetry, who spends the hot daytime in his stall.  He greets every tour with a nicker, and stands graciously for kisses, carrots and plenty of mints.  This afternoon, when we had a couple of older gentlemen in the golf cart, we pulled right up next to his stall door, and Marq happily stuck his nose right into the golf cart to say hello. 

The horse who was most unhappy with the heat was Clever Allemont, and by the middle of this afternoon he was happily headed into his stall.  It’s funny, we’ve tried putting Gramps inside when it gets really hot and he hates it, much preferring to be outside no matter what the weather is.  But Clever wants his stall when he wants his stall!  Kiri’s Clown spent the whole day in his run-in shed, with no interest being out from under this shade.  But he’s a nearly black horse, so I can’t blame him for wanting to stay out of the sun.

Ball Four has moved into a large paddock at the back of the farm, with some new friends.  He is in with Kudos, Bonapaw and Cherono.  The four of them will no doubt have a fine old time raising a ruckus.  WC Jones has moved from the annex to a paddock next to the pond, and Delay of Game moved over one paddock.  It was all enough to confuse the tour guide (me) today, and I initially introduced Delay as Ball Four.  By the time I figured that out, I was then momentarily stymied trying to figure out who Jonesy was.  Through it all, I could feel Sunshine looking at me and probably laughing!

(PART TWO coming tomorrow…. –Val)


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