Sunday April 3, 2011

There was no reason not to love a day like today in central Kentucky.  The temperature was in the mid-70s, the sun was shining, the mud is drying and even the ever-present Kentucky wind felt good blowing across your face.   The horses felt pretty good, too, whether they chose to nap or romp. 

It was a typical spring Sunday, as we were busy all day.  The morning began with a large bus of seniors.  Some of my favorite visitors are senior bus tours, I suppose because they are always so interested in what Old Friends is all about.   And of course, regardless of age every woman becomes a little girl again when horses are involved!  The group today was great, from Indiana and Michigan, and they enjoyed meeting the gang.    

This afternoon’s tours began at 1 and ran non-stop right through until 4:15 or so.  This is how busy we were—Special Ring was so full of carrots that he didn’t want to show his tattoo anymore by the time the last tour stopped at his fence. He just kind of looked at us and said, “nuh-uh, no more, I’m done for today.”   Not that he didn’t still eat his share of the carrots; he just didn’t want to perform to get them.

There were a number of kids today, all of whom were pretty terrific.  And it turns out that Patton will stand and take treats from little girls as gently as can be, all day long.  You know, we lose a Norty or a Jade Hunter, the kind of horses who always were kind and gentle.  You wonder who will step up to become that little girl’s new best friend, and along comes a Patton or a Free Spirit’s Joy.  It’s almost like the torch was passed.  But then, I’ve always suspected the horses talk amongst themselves.  Maybe they know their jobs far better than we know.

It seems lately that I’ve talked a lot about horses napping, but I had to laugh at Fortunate Prospect this afternoon.  He was down for the count, stretched out in the sunshine.  I called his name and he picked up his head, glanced over at us, grunted and back down he went.  About an hour later I saw him get up for his daily walk—he makes a complete circuit around his paddock before he goes back to grazing.  Today’s speed was a mid-pace amble, nothing too energetic but a nice pace just to get the blood flowing! Smart old guy.

Lots and lots of winter hair shedding, and I’m sure there are plenty of nicely-lined bird nests being constructed around the farm.  One of the tours discovered Bull’s love of a good back scratching, and we left large handfuls of gray hair on the ground.  Pops, as he does every spring, looks like a well-loved but slightly misused teddy bear.  His long winter coat is lighter than the summer coat coming in underneath, and it makes him look oddly ratty.  Not a good look for the former movie star, but it is a sign of spring so we won’t complain!  Wallenda, Creator, Sunshine, Leave Seattle and Awad look pretty good, and most of the horses have spots where they appear to have more summer coat than winter.   But there still are a few coats remaining that rival a buffalo—Cozy Miss, Spirit, Gramps, and Clever come to mind!

I was one of those days—some horse napped and others ran around.  This afternoon we watched WC Jones, over at the annex farm, running and bucking with his tail in the air.  We found out later he was trying to avoid being caught.  He sure looked pretty, though!  I saw Tinner take a lap around his field, while Williamstown did his best to ignore him. 

We are open for tours three times a day.  We greatly appreciate reservations, which can be made by calling the office at 502-863-1775.  We hope you can visit us soon. In the meantime, thanks for spending this spring Sunday with Old Friends!




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4 responses to “Sunday April 3, 2011

  1. victoria Racimo

    a good one Val — once again — you take me there.
    And i can just see and hear them all. even the buses rolling up. glad there is such a spectrum of ages.

  2. Anne

    Thanks Val for yet another nice Sunday at Old Friends. When it comes to horses, women and children are always a glow. I know how I feel when I am full, I wouldn’t want to show my lip tatoo either. ha…
    They are characters… love them all. Have a great week with team Old Friends.

  3. Susan

    Hi Val,
    Just a question, the April Calendar has Karakorum Patriot’s picture featured….is he at Old Friends in NY??
    And also, just wondering if Stormy Passage is still doing ok???
    Thanks for the update…

    • oldfriendsblog

      Hey Susan. KP is in fact at the NY facility. Stormy is doing ok given the circumstances. He’s gone through a dramatic lifestyle change–from training and active to stall-bound– and I suspect he is maybe a bit aggravated by that! We are keeping him as quiet as possible, no visitors, and he is getting the best care possible. Time will be his best friend. -Val

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