Sunday March 6, 2011

I know spring is around the corner, but today’s gray clouds, 38 degrees and north wind were not exactly harbingers of better weather.  Still, the grass is green so it can only be a matter of time.  There were bursts of activity at the farm today followed by periods of extreme quiet, as some of the stallions seemed to be in show-off mode and others just wanted to nap.  This morning I watched Patton run around his paddock, bucking, kicking and rearing all by himself.  He looked like he was having so much fun.  The Wicked North stood across the way and barely turned his head to watch, just enough to send the message that he thought Patton was acting a little nutty.  Free Spirit’s Joy was down for a nap and the shenanigans were not his concern.

I had a couple visiting from Aiken, South Carolina this afternoon and we had a terrific time. The lady was recovering from a broken ankle so we were forced to walk slowly and take time to enjoy each horse.  Or, more accurately, we enjoyed the horses who wanted to be enjoyed!  After his morning exercise, Patton hung out in his run-in shed and only reluctantly came over when he couldn’t stand seeing Sunshine get all the love.  Delay of Game—surprise!—was lying down in his usual spot watching road traffic go by.  Kiri ate a couple handfuls of carrots but quickly lost interest and wandered back to his pile of hay.

But Swannie, oh boy was he having fun today. He ran circles, showing off his flying lead changes. He raced Marley. He bucked. He pirouetted, reared, kicked and hip-hopped.  He was so beautiful to watch and he was having so much fun it made us grin.  Awad, who cannot stand it when another horse shows off, came at a hard run across his paddock, sliding into a full rearing stop with his front legs pawing the air.  Not to be outdone, Swannie reared up on the other side of the fence.  For a second, we were stuck in between the two stallions, both up on their hind legs, tossing their heads and looking fierce.  To tell you the truth, it was breathtaking.  Someone remarked today they thought the stallions would mellow as they got older.  I guess they do mellow some, but sometimes they just can’t help reminding us of how powerful they really are. 

But then, there are the the sensible horses. Leave Seattle wouldn’t leave his run-in shed.  He is obviously not a fan of cold wind, because no way was he coming out for a meager mouthful of carrot.   Pops and Ring, not known for meandering but unable to compete with the two wild stallions, came over at a sedate walk, ate some carrots and ambled back into their shed. Creator trotted over, gobbled his mouthful of carrots and moved on.  Glitterman, Ogie, Bull and Commentator met us at the fence, as did Clever.  Gulch?   Well, there’s green grass so he isn’t very interested in carrots.  I suspect he won’t bother with us much until later in the summer, unless he is conveniently close to the fence and we walk over to him.  He pulls that royal attitude when there is green grass involved. He has a way of making us feel like the insignificant humans he knows we are!

I stopped over to visit Wallenda and the horses at the annex but everyone was eating dinner and ignored me.  In fact, Klassy Briefcase didn’t even pick her head up from her hay to say hello.  Except for a few bursts of activity, not too much else was happening at the farm today, to tell you the truth.    I guess it was a typical March day—some fun, some naps, some mud, some cold.   Next week will likely bring more of the same, although a few more degrees and some sunshine would be a nice addition!

We are gearing up for spring tours, and will continue to be open for tours three times daily.  Please call the office for a reservation at 502-863-1775.   We hope you can visit us soon. In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends.




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3 responses to “Sunday March 6, 2011

  1. Anne

    Hi Val and the whole gang at Old Friends,
    I just love reading your posts as you sound so genuine and know each one of these horses so vividly well. They might think they have you fooled but … sorry to say guys, she is on to you all. Michael was the same way a few years ago as he took us around. It was so much fun.
    We recieved almost 2 feet of snow today and I would have wished to be bucking in those paddocks than snow blowing heavy wet snow ….yet once again. Long winter here in the north country and your posts make me smile and make the day a happier one than the way it started.
    Thanks again, Val. I am so happy these horses are having another chance in life. We all know they deserve it. Take care.

  2. Thank you for writing about Leave Seattle. His son has made it through his 5th winter with us in Northern VT. We hope tonight is his last night for the season of single digit temperatures. We got 30″ snow in a blizzard yesterday, but today it warmed to above freezing and he stood outside in the sun.

  3. I just love what you all are doing. I’ve yet to get down there even though we live so close. I hope we can stop in for a visit this year. We’re warm down here in Fl right now and I can’t wait to get home to KY see my own horses. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the wonderful updates.

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