Sunday January 16, 2011

Last weekend on a bright, sunny, winter day Laura Battles took some great photos.  She kindly allowed me to use them for this week’s blog.  She added a photo of Polish Navy from last spring as well.  Thanks Laura!  -Val



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9 responses to “Sunday January 16, 2011

  1. Victoria

    The pix are rich in color and feeling. Love the ear close- up. More details like that bring you closer, like you’re there and can touch them.

  2. Colmel

    LOVE those photos! Horses being horses – including the best Georgia-bred of all time. The photo of Tinner – wow, you can see both his dad and his Northern Dancer heritage in him as he’s aged. Knew both his Dad and his grandad (ND) and my mare went to his court. Can’t wait for my next visit!

  3. Gae

    Okay I must have fallen asleep in class — who is the best Georgia-bred of all time?

    • oldfriendsblog

      Bluesthestandard is the all-time leading Georgia-bred in earnings…Georgia isn’t commonly thought of as a hotbed of thoroughbred racing, but he is a cool horse and he could run some! He was trained by Kristin Mulhall.

      • Colmel

        Congratulations! There really haven’t been many Georgia-bred stakes horses (Louie Bomacino and Blues are the only ones that come to mind immediately, and I used to be President of the Georgia TOBA). Georgia is a terrific place to raise horses! Unfortunately, there is no racing and, therefore, no real breeding program. Most Georgians in the thoroughbred business breed either in Kentucky or Florida. Now, if you were to list Georgia-OWNED horses or bred by Georgians, the lists would be long, indeed.

  4. Gae

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful answers. Very informative. At least two GA bred stakes horses — wow! I hope Blues is part of one of the Spring Tours. I’d love to see him on our next visit. Then I can tell all our friends in Georgia about him. It was great watching the You Tube video of Blues in the 2003 Breeders Cup Sprint.

    • oldfriendsblog

      Tell your tour guide that you want to see Blue when you visit! He’s just past Bull inthe Heather and Ogygian, so its an easy trek. -Val

  5. Jean in VA

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. They are all beautiful.

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