Sunday October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!  At Old Friends’ “Kentucky Derby” corner, Kiri’s Clown and Tinner’s Way dressed up as their famous fathers, Foolish Pleasure and Secretariat respectively, and Falcon Scott tried to convince everyone he was his (gray) Derby winning brother Giacomo.  We all went along with the ruse, but…trick or treat!

Even after a day of heavy rain this past week, the paddocks are still dry and dusty.  Horses are still dirty too; it’s just now they have dried mud on top of the preexisting dust.  With winter coats coming in thick and fuzzy, there is more hair to pack the dust and dirt into. The end result–there is not a clean horse on the farm.

Today was a pretty typical tour day.  We had horse people, horse novices, bus tours, local people and people from as far away as California.  We had a couple of three generation groups –grandparents, grown children, and grandkids. We had a toddler named Ashlynn who loved, and fed, every horse she met.  As we walked up to our first horse, (The Wicked North) and she reached her hand out of her stroller toward Norty, I knew we had a horse girl. The people on the tour who weren’t related to Ashlynn’s family but whose daughter rides, told Ashlynn’s parents to save their money–riding lessons don’t come cheap!

On the 10 am tour this morning we walked only as far back as Ogygian, which meant Bull and Commentator could see us, and the carrot bucket, even though we didn’t get over to them.  I felt bad, so I brought the 1 pm tour back to them. Bull was patiently waiting by his gate for treats but Tator met us with his ears pinned back.  So, here is my interpretation of that message:  Bull has done this tour thing for long enough that he knows we’ll eventually get to him.  Tator, on the other hand, was just flat-out mad that we bypassed him in the morning and then had the nerve to visit Bull first.  He wanted me to know exactly how he felt about that!  But perhaps not surprisingly, after three mints and numerous carrots all was forgiven.  In the end, it’s true that Commentator can be had with a handful of carrots and a couple mints.

Having been a clear and cool morning, you would think the horses would be more active, but we began our day remarking on how many lazy, sleepy horses we saw.  Gulch was napping, as were Norty and Clever.  At one point we saw Dan curled up like a puppy in the sunshine, and Ogygian was snoozing under his tree.  But never fear—Super Pops and Bat Ring thundered up the hill, letting everyone know they are on the job.  Those two are such show-offs; I think Leave Seattle just rolls his eyes at them.  Awad huffs and puffs—he gets jealous—and Swannie just makes sure he looks really, really cute.  They all have their special ways of getting the love!

This coming Sunday, November 7, Old Friends is having a Breeder’s Cup Celebration in honor of our
horses who ran in, or won, Breeder’s Cup races.  There will be a barbeque, a silent auction, some special guests, and a whole lot of fun.  Details are on our website,  If you are in the area, we’d love to have you join us. In the meantime, thanks for spending this Sunday with Old Friends.


Run Zenyatta, run!



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5 responses to “Sunday October 31, 2010

  1. Susan Allen

    Hi Val,
    Hope you will be at Old Friends on Friday????….I want to be in your tour group! I am coming from NC and really would like to meet you….and I have been waiting forever to see Commentator! This will be my 5th visit to Kentucky and to Old Friends and I think I’m going to drive my husband crazy if I don’t get there soon to see all the “new” guys! I have to head back home on Sunday after the Breeder’s Cup on Saturday, so I will miss the party at OF, but I hope it goes great! Hoping to see you!
    Thanks for the update…you always make me laugh!

    • oldfriendsblog

      Unfortunately I must work at my “real” job on weekdays! I am only at the farm on Sundays, except for once in a blue moon when I am off during the week. But you will have a terrific time regardless–make sure you tell your tour guide that you want to see Tator so your group heads in his direction. Sorry I won’t get to meet you, unless of course you can’t leave KY and make it to the event on Sunday! -Val

  2. Oh I loved watching Foolish Pleasure as a kid!

  3. I have a great idea, put all of these wonderful blogs
    in a book! When it becomes a best-seller you can retire from your day job and be with your Old Friends every day….whadda’ think?

    Safe journey Zenyatta….oh what a horse!

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