Monday October 18, 2010

The weeks and months just fly by, don’t they? The World Equestrian Games have become a memory and Keeneland is halfway through the fall meet.  Breeder’s Cup tickets arrived in the mail this week, and November is just around the corner. 

At Old Friends, the maple trees lining the driveway to the big barn turned blazing red last week but have already faded to a muted burgundy.  Leaves are falling, early it seems, but maybe understandable in light of how dry it has been.  The horses are getting fuzzier and looking almost ready for winter.  Black horses are really black, red horses are deeper red, and Bull is still nearly white. 

Dr. Fraley was at the farm today, working on Bull’s feet.  I heard him say that after nearly two years of wearing his specially designed shoes, Bull’s feet look as good and as healthy as they ever have. A visitor at the farm who’s had horses for many years muttered under his breath, “I wish we had those shoes thirty years ago.”  Last week Bull got a complete makeover—mane pulled, tail de-burred.  Guess who had fresh burrs tangled in his mane and forelock again today?  As anyone who has ever groomed a horse knows, they just don’t appreciate our efforts to make them look pretty!

A couple of women from Akindale Farm in New York, where Evening Attire resides, came to visit today.   (Evening Attire, as you might be able to surmise from his name, is a son of our own late Black Tie Affair.)  The ladies and I climbed into a golf cart for a trip up the hill to see Williamstown, Polish Navy and Commentator.  Willie looks fantastic—he really is one of the prettiest horses you’ll ever see, with his velvety black coat and his white trim.  Tator came over running and bucking, being the showoff that he is.  We also headed over to meet Tinner’s Way and Marquetry.  Kiri’s Clown, unlike Bull, hasn’t messed up his recent beauty treatment.  He is shiny and black.

On the other hand, my pal Wallenda is completely covered in dust.  He is so dusty he has brown rings of dust around his eyes and behind his ears.  When I pat him it raises a Pigpen-like cloud and makes me sneeze.  I told him no brushing until he stands outside in a drenching downpour or gets a bath, because all brushing does is transfer that dust to me!  And the other horse who has some beauty “issues” is Kudos. I went to visit with him today and was instantly repelled…by the overwhelming smell of skunk.  Apparently Kudos got a little too close to the critter.  He is not too pettable right now and probably won’t be, for the fore-smellable future!

The best part of the day was visiting the back of the farm—seeing Hidden Lake and Cozy Miss, patting Bonapaw, Futural and Boule d’Or.  Discreet Hero, Max a Million and Easy Grades all came over, curious to see who was visiting.  You wouldn’t recognize EscapedfromNewYork.  He looks all grown up, fat and lazy with his friend AP Slew.  Even Siphonizer wandered over to check things out, although he never gets quite close enough to touch.  He’s playing it safe, just in case I’m really trying to catch him.  Regal Sanction, The Name’s Jimmy and the trio of Mighty Mecke, Wallace Station and Bluesthestandard all look fat, shiny, and content.

It has been a pretty quiet week at Old Friends, but sometimes that is a good thing.  We hope you can visit us soon, but in the meantime, thanks for stopping by! 




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4 responses to “Monday October 18, 2010

  1. MRO

    I have a couple of great pictures of Williamstown I took while visiting Friday. He was yawning, and I have never seen such a wide open mouth and so many teeth. He is a beautiful, beautiful boy.

  2. hi, I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Lexington and surroundings areas, including Old Friends. I was the lady who came with my husband, daughter, 3 granddaughters and son-in-law. You will remember us….my 3 granddaughters were: a horse lover in 4-H, a little bitty thing, and a not so little girl who’s daddy had to carry her the whole time because she was a bit lazy to walk. I am so ready to move to Kentucky, such beautiful country….I so appreciate all the farm country. You were so enjoyable to listen to….entertaining andf informative….love what all of you are doing for such a wonderful animal. Smiles, Linda

    • oldfriendsblog

      Linda, it was great to have your family here today. Come back anytime! And tell your granddaughter next time she not only walks, she carries the carrot bucket! 😉


  3. Dear Val: You may know that prayer that says, ‘Lord, make me as good a person as my dear animals think I am.’ This day after Christmas 2010, everybody in my human family is well & happy, and I am scrolling through your notes, grateful these wonderful creatures are in retirement, and that theirs are truly ‘Golden Years.’ Almost 15 years ago, my last three horses went to The Oregon Coast; really, they were retired to a better future than even I provided, but I was, ‘a good hand with horses,’ as my horse lady friend Jackie Fulps told her horse lady friend, Peggy Scheradella, so long ago. It felt wonderful, hearing that, and, as I was never in their league, it was an especially warm compliment. Now, I discover you and ‘Old Friends.’ When I finish this sentence , I`ll go to your ‘Donate’ site, glad to be able to help, even if just a bit. Warm nuzzles to the family of horses you keep safe, and thanks to the human friends who love them. Kathryn.

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