Monday October 11, 2010

I have a quick update to yesterday’s blog entry.  People ask me on nearly every tour if owners, trainers and jockeys ever visit their horses.  Many of them do, and The Wicked North had a special visitor today.  Kent Desormeaux, who rode Norty in many of his races, comes to visit him whenever he is in town. 

Now, some jockeys come to visit and some come to work.  Kent clearly falls into the work category, as he gave Norty a bath today.   He also hopped on board for some photos, walked Norty around the farm and generally  hung out for awhile.  And I can personally vouch for the fact that by the time he left, he was as wet and dirty as anyone who bathes a horse.   There is no doubt Kent loves Norty.  And Norty, who is normally the calmest of stallions, remembers Kent and in no time was arching his neck and prancing around like he was ready to run in next month’s Breeder’s Cup! 

You know, it makes you feel good to know there are people who remember and appreciate the horses who are so important their careers.  Kent Desormeaux sure shows that every time he visits.  -Val



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6 responses to “Monday October 11, 2010

  1. Anne

    How nice to see this! It is nice to see them give back to those that gave their best each time they ran. I had heard how Mike Smith visited Lure a few years ago while in town as he now rides primarily in California. These are the good “feeling” stories that need to be acknowledged. It looked like Kent had a great tim. Thanks for posting.

  2. Gae

    That IS nice…does Calvin Borel visit once in awhile?

  3. Pam

    These pictures and story give me a new respect for Kent. It’s so heart-warming to know that he, and other jockeys, truly love the horses they once rode. I love it!

  4. Serena

    that’s great!! I don’t really know who Wicked North is but I remember seeing all the pictures of Edgar and Barbaro and knowing Edgar loved Barbaro so much he wrote a book about him, it’s good to see that retired TB’s are still loved so much after their careers are over!!

  5. Deirdre Pianto

    Very sweet!!!

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