Saturday October 2, 2010

Since fly masks are off and winter coats are growing in earnest, it seemed like a good time for a photo blog.  Courtesy of part-time tour guide, world traveler,  Zenyatta fan,  and wonderful photographer Laura Battle, here are some of our long time favorites, as well as some newer Old Friends.   Thank you, Laura!




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4 responses to “Saturday October 2, 2010

  1. These are wonderful! Thank you so much. Any chance I could buy a copy of Pops and Ring? They are all so good and bring smiles. WOW what a treat!

  2. Colmel

    ME TOOO!!!! I love the photo of Pops and Ring! That’s just so typical of them – especially Ring showing off his tat. I see what you mean about Tinner’s looking like his “old man.” Got all chocked up. I used to visit his dad at least twice a year…

  3. Gae

    Love the shot of Ogygian.

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