Monday April 5, 2010

I’m a day late (and perhaps a dollar short!) posting this week.  I’m blaming a terrific Easter dinner with friends late yesterday.  At least, that’s my excuse!

 We’ve had a terrific stretch of spring weather for the past few days, and it was actually quite warm yesterday.  The horses were mostly lazy, or maybe just more interested in the green grass that is growing so rapidly in their paddocks.  Still, most of them took the time to come over to say hello. Well, except for Creator.  He just didn’t care one way or another. He was grazing and napping and that was that.

Tim wanted to brush some of Fortunate Prospect’s long winter hair off yesterday, so I wandered down to visit while Tim brushed.  Gramps loved the attention, and when Tim found just the perfect itchy spot along his back, Gramps closed his eyes in bliss. His lips quivered, his ears flopped and he was perfectly content, in the sunshine with some gentle currying.  But when Tim moved to the wrong spot, guess who Gramps nipped at in frustration?  You’re right—NOT Tim!  Fortunately, (pun intended!) Gramps is more of “pretend” nipper, and he just wanted me to pass along his wishes to Tim.  Lots of hair came off –there are bird nests out there lined with very soft, plush, high-end upholstery.

Cherono and Commentator were not too happy to see Gramps getting the attention.  Both of them danced, pawed, bucked and generally did their best to draw attention to themselves.  Cherono got down and rolled a couple of times.  I guess he wanted to be brushed as well.  Tator did the same but I don’t imagine he wanted to be brushed.  He can’t possibly stand still long enough.  Nope, Tator just wanted treats!   And throughout this one-ups-man-ship by Tator and Cherono, Gulch looked at them like they were mildly amusing, but maybe not very bright.  Gulch is a laid-back, cool guy.  Like treats, loves attention, but way too cool to act like a circus horse to get it. 

While all this was happening, two people waiting for the 1 pm tour were watching from the office.  They told me later that they were pretty entertained watching the behavior and interaction of the horses as they tried so hard to get our attention.  People who haven’t been around horses much, are always fascinated by the horses’ individual personalities.  And we sure do have some personalities at Old Friends!

Many of the horses yesterday seemed to be looking for a scratching post as we walked around on the 1 pm tour.   Pops and Ring wanted their faces rubbed.  Kiri used me as a head scratching post.  Awad, for the first time in weeks, wasn’t too interested in hamming it up.  Too warm, I guess.  Sunshine and Swannie mostly wanted carrots.  

Black Tie Affair was outside enjoying the sunshine today. He had the right idea.  As I looked across the farm, I saw Benburb and Smokey Stover happily munching green grass.  Mark of Success and Malibu Mix were lying side-by-side, napping.  Jade Hunter, Ogygian, Dan and Flick were all either dozing or grazing quietly.  As the winter hair sheds, signs of shiny summer coats and dapples are peeking out underneath the dust and loose hair.  Spring is well underway at Old Friends.   

We are beginning to get ready for our annual Homecoming, set as usual for the day after the Kentucky Derby. This year, that will be May 2.  We hope you can visit us soon, and maybe make plans to join us at Homecoming.  In the meantime, thanks for spending this weekend with Old Friends.



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One response to “Monday April 5, 2010

  1. Trish McGuire

    Thanks again, Val, for another “wish I was there, too” week-end commentary about all the lovely horses. By the time I get to come visit you, I will feel like I know all of them personally——–all their quirks, likes and dislikes, too. Can’t wait to see you in person.

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